All-round marketing for AI Network project


Proposals to raise awareness of Runo NFTs and successful sales and AI Network projects to domestic/global investors based on successful marketing.

Telegram KOL / YouTube / Blog / Viral Marketing To raise awareness of AI Network among many users, various aspects of work are needed.

Collaborative Ambassador can drive community growth and promote to more investors.

The purpose of this proposal is to ask the campaign to pay for the activities of the Ambassador.

The person who makes the proposal, Demian of MintedLab, I will run Ambassador with my experience of successfully marketing global and Korean projects as a Project Manager.

Scope of Work:

MintedLab have a cooperative Ambassador.
Telegram influencers will be used to promote AI Network projects on the channel.
If the proposal is allowed, I will sign a contract with 10 uploads per month per Ambassador.

With a minimum of 300 to 800 views per exposure, can upload positive content about AI Network project to the public.

Ex) If 10 ambassadors upload 10 posts a month, they can average 50,000 views.

In addition, we can expand the number of users on global Telegram, Korean Telegram, and Twitter, and expect channel activation through events.

It also aims to continuously expose the price increase of AIN tokens to users and create a positive channel atmosphere

This will help improve sales of Runo NFTs.


1. influencer marketing (Korea / Global)

Extensive project promotion to potential investors using 10 influencers

Two channels are global, and eight channels are South Korea’s cryptocurrency influencer channel

Channels have an average of 300 to 800 views.

If 10 ambassadors upload 10 posts a month, they can average 50,000 views.

2. Upload domestic and international blog communities

Naver famous influencer channel posts related to the famous domestic search platform AIN project 2 to 4 times a month (30 times in total)

3. Conduct AI Network Viral Marketing to various community channels

DC Inside, PPomppu, FM Korea, Cobak, Coinpan

Conduct indirect marketing to potential cryptocurrency investors.

4. Community Activation Task

Ambassers carry out many conversations and comments on Telegram Korea/English channels with expectations for price hikes, and positive comments on the upload of the notice.

The same is done with the discord

5. Youtube Video Make and upload

[YouTube] 2023 Autumn Date Place Recommendation Uncommon Gallery (feat. ai Network)


  • KOL Channel Offerings and Contracts
  • KOL / Blog / YouTube Script and Review
  • Campaign Initiation and KPI Measurement
  • Comprehensive report scheduled to be submitted on the last day of each month

Timeline and KPI:

Number of Community Participants as of September 18, 2023

The goal is to attract 100 to 150 active users per 10 days per month on all channels.

[Telegram Annoncement] AI Network Korea / 2,961 People
[Telegram Chat] AI Network Korea Chat / 1,464 People

[Telegram Annoncement] AI Network Global / 3,088 People
[Telegram Chat] AI Network Global / 2,693 People

[Discord] AI Network Korea - Global / 11,438 People

[Twitter] AI Network Global / 12,700 People
[Twitter] AI Network Korea / 4,899 People

Expected number of community participants as of November 1, 2023

[Telegram Annoncement] AI Network Korea / 3,100 People
[Telegram Chat] AI Network Korea Chat / 1,600 People

[Telegram Annoncement] AI Network Global / 3,250 People
[Telegram Chat] AI Network Global / 2,850 People

[Discord] AI Network Korea - Global / 11,600 People

[Twitter] AI Network Global / 12,900 People
[Twitter] AI Network Korea / 5,050 People


The cost allocated to each Ambassador is $250

It will be paid in $AIN tokens at the end of each month, and Ambassadors will conduct activities in various areas.


• Description: Encourage participation in the $AIN network ecosystem and promote Runo NFT purchases to potential investors through a variety of promotional materials.

• Amount: about $250 ~ $300 worth of AIN tokens for each individual KOL x 10 (We would like to pay $10 KOLs and $10 Chatters/Blogs/Viral Marketing users $250 to $300 per month for activities)

• Date: From the 1st of every month to the end of every month

• Impact: Encourage potential investors to raise awareness of the project and engage in the community while serving as an AI Network Ambassador.

This will lead to increased demand for AIN tokens and be a strong catalyst for price increases and retention.


• Increase in social media engagement and followers
• Increase in website traffic
• Increase in demand for AIN tokens

Ambassador Participants:

KOL marketing is negotiated at a minimum of $100 per upload and at a maximum of $400.

We have a pool of cooperative KOL partners

You can work at a very low cost for a single upload of $25 per upload.

In addition, Naver blogging will cost between $50 and $100 per upload to the parent influencer blog.

However, Ambassador are already running top influencer blogs, and will be able to expose positive posts about AI Network to many potential investors.

We will post these contents to various communities and create a positive community atmosphere through conversation.

Thanks for submitting the proposal. However, it looks too vague.
So please update the specific plan.

  1. What is the content of the task?
  2. How much AIN are you asking for, and why did you calculate that amount?
  3. How will you give the AIN?
  4. How do you select the Ambassador?