[Proposal] AI Network Korea AIN Markting

Mission of Work:

The primary objective of this proposal is to nurture and strengthen the ongoing partnership between CoinEasy and AI Network. Leveraging our past successful collaborations, we intend to further magnify the mutual value for both entities via reinforced marketing campaigns and initiatives.


CoinEasy and AI Network have enjoyed a fruitful relationship marked by successful collaborations. Both parties have seen mutual benefits from joint events and promotions. This proposal seeks to build on this legacy of collaboration, keeping in mind the recent successes such as the AI Network x CoinEasy AMA and the engagement of 1,257 participants.

Past Achievements:

Global Partner Meetup Collaboration and Outcomes:

Goal: Our core ambition for these meetups was to broaden our partnerships and scout for new business prospects through face-to-face interactions.

Expected Participation: We envisioned the active engagement of over 50 global partners, cutting across varied industry sectors, and crucial stakeholders.

  • Neighborhood Meetup Outcomes:
    • Participants: The meetup witnessed the esteemed presence of NEAR founder Ilya, liquid staking representative from Metapool, representatives from NEAR Foundation, account abstraction representative from Project Keyform, NIAR representative from DeFi project Proximate Labs, the victorious teams from the Gritch Hackathon, along with developers and token holders.
    • Outcome: This gathering served as a linchpin in fortifying our bonds with diverse chains and partners. It was instrumental in unlocking myriad collaboration vistas within the ambit of the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Alchemy Meetup Outcome:
    • Participants: The Alchemy team led the roster of attendees, which also included cross-chain representatives from the LI.FI team, a mix of domestic and global infrastructure teams, developers, the BitDAO Mantle team, and several others.
    • Outcome: This meetup, hosted at the distinguished Uncommon Gallery, was pivotal in aiding the Alchemy team’s seamless entry into the Korean marketplace. Furthermore, it facilitated a vibrant networking environment and carved out collaboration opportunities with a plethora of teams.

Work Scope:

For the upcoming 3-month period, our strategic plan encompasses:

  1. AMA and Community Events: Regular AMAs will be conducted on various platforms to amplify the visibility of AI Network and invigorate the community.
  2. Web3 Social Engagements: We’re devising special events and utilities exclusive to AI Network Passport, Luno NFT, and $AIN token holders. Our vision is to offer distinguished services via a token-gated community, thus promoting unique experiences.
  3. CoinEasy Community Integration: Leveraging CoinEasy’s vast channels like Twitter, Telegram, and Naver Blog, our aim is to conduct joint events, promotions, and educational sessions. This initiative is targeted at boosting AI Network’s brand resonance within and beyond the CoinEasy community. Our performance metric for this activity is a 20% increase in user activity and event engagement.
  4. Global Partner Outreach: We are planning offline meetups with an objective to widen our partnership horizons and unearth new business opportunities. These sessions are projected to attract over 50 global partners across diverse sectors.
  5. KOL Collaboration:

Objective: To harness the influence and reach of renowned figures in the crypto and tech industry to amplify our message and build trust with a wider audience.

  • KOL-authored Blog Post:
    • Plan: The renowned KOL will craft a detailed blog post about the collaboration, its benefits, future prospects, and the roadmap. This post will then be promoted across both AI Network and CoinEasy’s media channels, newsletters, and partner platforms.
    • Expected Outcome: An informed and engaged community with a boosted credibility due to the KOL’s endorsement, leading to increased excitement and anticipation regarding the collaboration.
  • Forward Event Announcements with KOL Endorsement:
    • Plan: Announcements for upcoming events and programs will be further legitimized with endorsements from the KOL, shared across prominent platforms.
    • Expected Outcome: Wider reach and stronger trust in the announcements leading to higher event turnouts.
  • Community Funnel Events:
    • Plan: Organize KOL-endorsed events such as quizzes, polls, and giveaways themed around the collaboration. Use these events to gather feedback, gauge sentiment, and foster a sense of unity.
    • Expected Outcome: An active, engaged, and loyal community, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement and a strong association with the KOL.
  • Discussion Session with KOL:
    • Plan: Engage the prominent KOL for an in-depth discussion about the benefits and prospects of the AI Network and CoinEasy collaboration. This session will be broadcasted across major platforms, enabling an expansive reach.
    • Expected Outcome: Enhanced brand credibility, increased awareness, and a broader audience reach.

Impact: These consolidated activities are structured to elevate the AI Network brand’s prominence. Further, by intensifying our collaboration with CoinEasy, we envision a robust growth trajectory for the AI Network ecosystem.


  • AMA engagement: Targeting over 300 participants.
  • Web3 social events: Aiming for 300 attendees.
  • Anticipating a 20% rise in AI Network-related activity participation among CoinEasy’s community members.
  • KOL-authored blog post engagement: Targeting over 1,000 reads and 1,000 shares.
  • Community Funnel Event Participation: Engage 70% of the active community members.
  • KOL session views: Aiming for a reach of 10,000 viewers.


Our projected timeline for these multifaceted activities extends over a 3-month period, commencing from [start date].

Request Amount:

For this 3-month timeline, we are requisitioning a comprehensive budget of $6,900, earmarked as:

  • Community Rewards: $300
  • CoinEasy Operational Expenses: $2,000
  • AIN Tokens: 612517 $AIN Tokens

The conversion rate stands at a per-token rate of $0.011043 (source: LBank) dated September 22, 2023, timed at 05:33pm KST.


The proposed gamut of activities is predicted to elevate AI Network’s brand resonance within the CoinEasy domain, engendering collaboration prospects with global associates. This cohesive strategy is designed to catalyze the expansion and vitality of the AI Network ecosystem.

Squad Info:

CoinEasy, South Korea’s leading community accelerator. Originating in 2021 as an educational hub, we’ve now expanded into a web3 social media mobile app, where users can craft their own communities. Curious? Check out our app on Test Flight: Join the CoinEasy beta - TestFlight - Apple

CoinEasy’s foray into the Web3 domain with its social media mobile application paves the way for seamless integration with MetaMask wallets using social IDs, such as Apple and Google Login. This technological stride offers a golden opportunity for AI Network holders to consolidate their community presence through TokenGate.

Historically, our Discord platform faced challenges with scam activities and lacked authentic credentials. However, the CoinEasy app revolutionizes this scenario by targeting a transition to genuine Web3 users, enriching the participation level. Consequently, AI Network’s Seoul Ai.P holders and AIN token holders are now primed to immerse in an enriched Web3 experience, facilitated through a dedicated and secure environment.

We’re organizing a 1inch Network and Bitcoin Cash meetup this October under the Global Partner Meetup Collaboration . This event aims to unite communities and share insights. Stay tuned for more updates on this and future collaborations!

This proposal is accepted, and the AIN marketing manager will contact you for future actions.

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We want to ask you for a monthly update on the marketing activities, including payment here.

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Yes, we will provide monthly updates on the marketing activities and include payment details here.

Please update the October activity report here by Nov 10, 2023.

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Dear AI Network Team and Community,

We are elated to share our October activity report reflecting a fruitful collaboration between CoinEasy and AI Network. Here’s a brief overview of the accomplishments achieved:

  1. Token Receipt:
  • We successfully received 612,517 $AIN Tokens.
  • Utilized for:
    • Community Rewards: $300
    • CoinEasy Operational Expenses: $2,000 (Conversion rate as of September 22, 2023: $0.011043 per token, sourced from LBank at 05:33pm KST.)
  1. Operational Expenses:
  • Transferred 543,330 AIN for CoinEasy operational expenses covering a span of three months.
  1. Collaborative Events:

    Over 387 users participated and Users know more about AI Network to other communities
  1. Meetups:

  1. NFT Sales:
  • Expedited the sales of the first round of Korean LLM Runo and the second round of AI Network LLM NFTs in KRW, showcasing a promising synergy between CoinEasy and AI Network.
  1. Online Engagement:
  • Garnered over 25,000 views across various platforms including CoinEasy Telegram, X, and Naver blog.

We are thrilled for the prospective engagements in November and appreciate the continual support and collaboration with the AI Network. Thank you!

Hi there,

Please share the impact report from the last update to Nov 30th until Dec 4th here.

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Dear AI Network Team and Community,

We are elated to share our October activity report reflecting a fruitful collaboration between CoinEasy and AI Network. Here’s a brief overview of the accomplishments achieved:

Collaborative Events :
:mega: 1inch X AI Network X CoinEasy AMA

:memo: 1inch X AI Network X CoinEasy AMA 정리(:kr: + :us:)

  • Hosted an AMA with AI Network x CoinEasy focusing on the AIN Runo NFT Sale, attracting more than 372 participants. This effectively promoted AI Network and the NFT sale to the number 1 DeFi platform, 1inch, as well as to CoinEasy and other communities.

  • We have introduced SojuDAO to AI Network’s Uncommon Gallery to host a Christmas party on Wednesday, December 6th, in Seoul. This crypto-themed Christmas party aims to attract more attention from global web3 companies. CoinEasy serves as a bridge between these companies, facilitating the operation of web3 events. This collaboration has significantly enhanced the reputation of Uncommon Gallery in the global web3 community.

NFT Sales:

  • Nearly every sale round of the Runo High GPU NFT Sale sold out in approximately one minute! The sales were expedited in KRW, ETH, and $AIN, demonstrating a promising synergy between CoinEasy and AI Network.

Online Engagement:

  • We have garnered over 20,000 views across various platforms, including CoinEasy Telegram, X, and Naver blog.

We are thrilled about the prospective engagements in November and deeply appreciate the continued support and collaboration with the AI Network. Thank you!