[Template] Uncommon Gallery Web 3 Exhibition & Event Proposal (ENG)

Uncommon Gallery is where your journey into the Uncommon Universe begins. Uncommon Gallery adheres to the following manifesto:

  • Uncommon Gallery is an exploratory space that emphasizes the interaction between art and technology and encourages participatory communication.
    We discuss and experiment with the fusion of art and technology to explore new creative territories with the community. Through our constant efforts to redefine what constitutes as an exhibition, we are moving beyond the traditional gallery experience.
  • Uncommon Gallery is a space dedicated to preserving human creativity in a post-human world.
    We leverage rapidly evolving technologies to maximize human creativity amidst the currents of change in this era. Through this, we record and share experimental and original experiences that arise from harnessing this creativity.
  • Uncommon Gallery aims to present exhibitions that expand the audiences’ perspectives on AI and NFT.
    Our works enrich our collective art experience, harnessing the benefits of the democratization of AI made possible by Web 3 technologies and philosophies. By utilizing blockchain technology and NFT, we redefine the concepts of creating, owning, and exchanging artworks.
  • Uncommon Gallery is a Web3 creative space implemented through the AI Network DAO.
    We seek the expansion of a democratic ecosystem through AIN DAO. Artists, developers, and projects will collaboratively explore Web3 governance. Anyone who shares our philosophy and willingness to participate can become a member of the DAO.
  • AI Network welcomes all web-3 artists, communities, and projects aligned with the manifesto above with open arms.

  • Please share with us the details of the exhibition/event that you wish to host at Uncommon Gallery. You can copy-and-paste the template below into a new application post, and then answer the questions within.

  • Please make sure to submit your proposal at least a month before your proposed date of event.

  • Please refer to the Uncommon Gallery Calendar before applying to check for the gallery’s availability for said dates.

  • To create your proposal, first copy the questionnaire (questions 1 through 11) below these instructions, then click “+new topic” on the top right corner of the page and paste the questions in. Fill out the questionnaire, then submit the proposal.
  • Please note that it will take roughly seven days for AIN DAO to vote on and approve of your proposal.

Proposal to host an exhibition/event at Uncommon Gallery

1. Your name
Please let us know your name, your alias, or the name of the organization you represent.

2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery
If someone has referred you to Uncommon Gallery, please let us know who the person is. If you found out about Uncommon Gallery on your own, please let us know how.

3. Your Discord tag
Please let us know your AIN DAO Discord tag.

4. Your email address
Please let us know an email address we can reach you at.

5. Title of proposed exhibition/event
Please let us know the title of your exhibition/event.

6. Event duration
Please check the Uncommon Gallery Calendar above for availability, and let us know of your desired dates.

7. Your bio
Please share with us an introductory paragraph about yourself or the organization you represent.

8. Expected number of attendees
Please let us know how many people you’re expecting at your event, along with a short explanation of the target audience. Uncommon Gallery has a maximum capacity of 120 people (70 people with seating arrangements).

9. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.
Please share your intentions and goals for your proposed exhibition(or event) in at least three sentences.

10. Exhibition/event details
Please share your exhibition/event with us in detail. This includes details such as the exhibition content and sub-events.

  • Artist Profile (2-3 sentences)
  • Highlight of the exhibition (2-3 sentences)
  • Quotes from artist (2-3 sentences)
  • Sub-events (Artist talk, Reception, Meetup, etc.) schedules and abstract (if you have one)

11. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery
Please describe in detail the positive contributions your event will bring to the AI Network Ecosystem, quantifiable or otherwise.
Examples of contributions :

  • Benefits for AIN DAO members & visitors
    – Contents such as educational programs, artist talks, etc.
    – Gifts for visitors
  • Marketing: Specific metrics or methods related to how your event might increase the visibility of Uncommon Gallery and AI Network
    – Social media promotion plan
    – YouTube Contents
    – PR articles
  • Revenue share
    – A share of the revenues from sales of NFTs and other related goods
  • Others
    –Sister gallery relationships
    – Partnerships

  • After you submit your proposal, AIN DAO will vote on it. It usually takes around 7 business days for the DAO to reach a verdict.

  • All promotional materials for your proposed event at Uncommon Gallery (such as posters, images, installations with the gallery, etc.) must contain both AI Network’s and Uncommon Gallery’s logos.

  • You, the host, are responsible for the promotion, the facility management, and the set-up of your exhibition/event. After your exhibition/event closes, you are responsible for cleaning up and restoring Uncommon Gallery to its original condition.

  • The set-up, preparations, and after-event clean-up must take place during Uncommon Gallery’s operational hours.

  • The operational hours of Uncommon Gallery are as follows:

    • Tue - Fri : 12pm - 8pm
    • Sat : 10am - 6pm
    • Sun, Mon : Closed
  • After said operational hours, AI Network may host other events at the gallery. (We will notify you prior to such engagements.)

  • A more thorough guide for hosting an event at uncommon gallery will be provided to you via email.

For all other inquiries, please email us at uncommongallery@comcom.ai.