Category Topics


Any proposals regarding the governance structure/mechanism of AIN DAO. The category embraces proposals for improving voting procedures, deciding which contributor groups should be given voting power, gamifying governance participation, adding/removing contributor groups, adopting a penalty system for specific actions, etc.

Treasury & Risk Management

Any proposals for allocating/distributing/rewarding the assets in the treasury to a certain group of participants or programs, or any budget proposals.


Any agenda related to AIN token (e.g. editing parameters for staking mechanism or burning tokens) Proposals for adopting additional hedging strategies for AIN tokens can be discussed here too.


Post any agenda that deals with onboarding procedures (e.g. suggesting weekly call for newbies), workstream procedures, evaluation criteria for the performance of each contributor group, or screening procedure for employing core contributors (e.g. head designers, coordinators, community managers, etc).

Team Building

Got new project ideas, but need teammates? Come to this board to post your stunning ideas and recruit Avengers!

Public Relations & Research

Any proposals that discuss marketing strategies, potential partnership opportunities, and research topics/plans for each quarter. Proposals for ad hoc issues regarding public relations & research can be posted as well.

Grant & Hackathon

Proposals for grant or hackathon programs. Please specify the details, e.g. their purposes, themes, venues & dates, budget (but final confirmation regarding budget should be decided through the Treasury & Risk Management board), or required personnel.

Site Feedback

Please give us feedback on this website (Discourse community for AIN DAO): its performance, or adding/removing/merging categories, or any other issues.

Study Materials

Any study materials about ANFT and AI Networks that can discuss with others - including lectures, notes, chapters, questions and answers, video lessons, practice programs, and more.