• Creative use and differentiation of AI art and the presentation of future art paradigm
  • AI art’s innovative exhibition planning with a story and a unified style.
  • AI Artist Club signed a partnership with IUM NFT MUSEUM (


There’s a lot of controversy over whether Ai art is really art.

Existing creators have a lot of opposition, and instead of confronting existing creators, AI art should pioneeringly show that it has completely new possibilities and paradigms that are different from before.

Human artists can create a world in a larger category and design appropriate algorithms (ex, prompts, etc.) to communicate with artificial intelligence to give AI the labor needed for the creative process and curate the results once again to complete the worldview-oriented art.

This approach will show human artists new possibilities not only as a center of individual unit creation but also as a position to create a larger world.


AI Art Interests: The new methodology we present will be cited in the formation of multiple discourses as an innovative methodology that can respond to various controversies in AI Art (e.g., presenting AI art as a major research case at domestic and international conferences and other opportunities).


1/26 First Meeting

1/29 Submission of author introduction materials

1/31 Submission of Dong-A Business Review Articles (Promotion of Work Process)

2/2 Second Meeting (Check progress of prompt/style research, present worldview)

2/9 Third Meeting (Review draft work)

2/15 Confirmed and Minting

2/16 4th Meeting (Promotion Progress Check), Poster Disclosure (Promotion Start)

2/18 Promotion teaser video released (second promotion)

2/20 Publicity Web Brochure Released (3rd Publicity)

2/21 Creating a Blog for Public Relations (4th Public Relations)

2/23 5th Meeting (last inspection before exhibition)

2/24 Confirmation of installation of exhibition works

2/25 Opening Party (Uncommon Gallery)

3/4 Closing Party (Twitter Space)


For this exhibition, eight members of the AI Artists Club, which is the most pioneering study of AI art in South Korea, have joined the exhibition as exhibition artists who build their works.

IUM NFT MUSEUM, which has partnered with the AI Artists Club, will organize the overall planning, creative directing, and art philosophy for the discourse of AI art.

In summary, IUM theory of IUM, the creative director of this exhibition, is a paradigm shift from Art Work Creation to Art World Creation.

The innovative development of artificial intelligence will be the catalyst.

Since artificial intelligence creates works, but the worldview of works is created from the mental world of a writer, there will be an era in which writers will be more prominent and important than works.

We will present this discourse of AI art and plan this exhibition as a methodology that can prove the paradigm shift for ‘art of creation’.

In addition, IUM NFT MUSEUM would like to request exhibition planning and space support in connection with physical work at the Uncommon Gallery to further deepen the possibility of using AI art after this exhibition.

Hi Warmtalent, thanks for your proposal. :slight_smile:
Can you tell us a little bit more about the collaboration with AI Network and how it will benefit the AIN DAO community?

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for giving us a good opportunity to cooperate.

We requested AI art generation channel by artist to AIN DAO. Through this, AI Artist Club (AIAC) gained space to build AI art, and AI art data was obtained from AI DAO.

AIAC was also able to rent the Uncommon Gallery Exhibition. This can share inspiration with people who are interested in AI art and AI generated tech, and it can have a promotional effect on each.

Thanks. Feel free to let me know if you need anything else or have any questions!

Thanks for the detailed information! Let me move to the 1st round of voting for the proposal.

This proposal has been approved!