AI Network Chinese Community Event Plan


AI Network (AIN) is a layer 1 blockchain platform that aims to bring AI to Web3. Since the establishment of the Chinese Telegram group this year, our project has attracted more than 1,000 users from Chinese-speaking communities. To further encourage activity and engagement within the group and keep attracting new users to it, regular events within the group are needed. This proposal aims to allocate a budget for these events.

Scope of Work:

The scope of this proposal is to launch a testing regular event campaign for AI Network Chinese Telegram group. The campaign will aim to promote the project within the group, encourage communication and engagement within the group and increase user retention and loyalty.


  • To encourage user activity and engagement within the CN TG group.
  • To enhance brand awareness, user loyalty, and retention within the group.
  • To attract new users from other Chinese-speaking communities.


  • Regular events that were never carried out before within CN TG group.
  • Events that reward the most active users and those who are interested in the project


  • Weekly: User activity ranking
  • Every Friday: Quiz event
  • The above events will be carried out for 1 month for testing purpose


  • User activity event:

  • Rules: Reward Top 10 users with AIN tokens based on their activity. The reward standard is the number of weekly accumulated messages sent to the group.

  • Rewards:

1st 1,000 AIN
2nd 800 AIN
3rd 500 AIN
4th 300 AIN
5th 200 AIN
6th - 10th 100 AIN per user
Total: 3,300 AIN
  • Testing period: 4 weeks

  • Total budget: 13,200 AIN

  • Weekly Quiz:

  • Rules: Prepare 5 questions about AI Network every week and carry out the quiz event on 8:00 PM every Friday. The first person who gets the correct answer will earn 200 AIN.

  • Testing period : 4 weeks

  • Total budget: 4,000 AIN


  • Description: To activate the current users and attract new users to the CN TG group
  • Amount: 17,200 AIN in total for 1 month
  • Date: TBD
  • Impact: The Chinese Telegram group is one of the approaches to achieving the goal of AI Network globally expanding plan in 2023. China as one of the biggest and most active markets plays an important role in the Web3 field contributing both transaction volume and community activities. Reaching out to Chinese-speaking communities will help to increase awareness of AIN on a global scale and develop more opportunities for the adoption of AI Network. The campaign will expand the AI Network community coverage, leading to increased demand for AIN tokens and potentially driving up its value.


  • Increase in the number of online users in CN TG group.
  • Increase in the new users of CN TG group.
  • Potentially increase in demand for AIN tokens.

Project’s success metrics and KPIs:

  • Increased online users in CN TG group. (100+ by Q4)
  • Increased new users of CN TG group. (8,00 by Q4)


The team’s Chinese marketing agency will be responsible for the campaign. The agency is consist of marketing professionals with exclusive experience in marketing in Chinese market and will be dedicated to ensuring the success of the testing campaign and achieve the set targets.

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