AI Network Chinese Community Marketing Proposal


AI Network (AIN) is a layer 1 blockchain platform that aims to bring AI to Web3. Since the establishment of the Chinese Telegram group this year, our project has attracted more than 1,000 users from Chinese-speaking communities.

To further encourage activity and engagement within the group and keep attracting new users to it, regular events within the group are needed. Plus, an Ambassador Program will greatly boost the growth of new users. By implementing these two programs, we aim to increase awareness of AIN and drive traffic to the official Chinese Telegram group. This proposal aims to allocate a budget for these events.

About Capstone:

Capstone is the Chinese marketing partner of AI Network. Founded in 2017, Capstone Venture Group is a global web 3 investment, advisory, and marketing firm based in US, UK, Korea, and Singapore. Capstone has worked with 100+ projects globally. Our team spans in 5 key locations: Singapore, US, UK, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Team’s past experience covers traditional investment banking, strategy consulting, blockchain exchanges, crypto wallet, blockchain projects, and blockchain media. The team has deep-dived into Chinese marketing since the establishment of the company and consists of marketing professionals who have a solid understanding of the local web3 and media markets.

Scope of Work:

Regular Event:

The scope of the first part is to launch a testing regular event campaign for AI Network Chinese Telegram group. The campaign will aim to promote the project within the group, encourage communication and engagement within the group and increase user retention and loyalty. By doing so, we are expecting a price increase of the AIN token as well as enhancing brand awareness of AI Network.

Ambassador Program:

The scope of the Ambassador Program is as follows:

  • The Chinese market agency of AIN has a pool of KOLs. They will be the ones who promote AI Network projects on their own channels.
  • We can expand the Chinese community users on Telegram and expect channel activation through their promotion efforts.
  • The program aims to utilize the KOL’s influence to continuously expose the AIN tokens to users and create a positive branding effect of AI Network.


Regular events:

  • To encourage user activity and engagement within the CN TG group.
  • To enhance brand awareness, user loyalty, and retention within the group.
  • To attract new users from other Chinese-speaking communities.

Ambassador Program:

  • Lead and encourage conversations in the groups with expectations for price hikes
  • Attract new users to the official Chinese telegram group and leave positive comments on the uploads of the announcement channel


  • Regular events that were never carried out before within CN TG group.
  • Events that reward the most active users and those who are interested in the project
  • Utilize KOLs’ channels to reach out to more users within the crypto world.


Regular events:

  • Weekly: User activity ranking
  • Every Friday: Quiz event
  • The above events will be carried out for 2 months for testing purposes

Ambassador Program

  • Monthly: the KOLs will represent AI Network for the whole month and carry out their tasks


  • User activity event:

  • Rules: Reward Top 10 users with AIN tokens based on their activity. The reward standard is the number of weekly accumulated messages sent to the group.

  • Rewards:

1st 1,000 AIN
2nd 800 AIN
3rd 500 AIN
4th 300 AIN
5th 200 AIN
6th - 10th 100 AIN per user
Total: 3,300 AIN
  • Testing period: 8 weeks

  • Total budget: 26,400 AIN

  • Weekly Quiz:

  • Rules: Prepare 5 questions about AI Network every week and carry out the quiz event on 8:00 PM every Friday. The first person who gets the correct answer will earn 200 AIN.

  • Testing period : 8 weeks

  • Total budget: 8,000 AIN

  • Ambassador Program:

    • Recruitment and Rewards: We’ll recruit at least ambassadors to actively spread news about AI Network. Any interested KOL will fill out the application form and we’ll select the most suitable candidate. There are 3 types of ambassadors that users can apply for:
      • Video
        • create a video about the project that is at least 3 minutes long or a long video
        • Achieve at least 100 views, 3,000 AIN reward
      • Twitter content
        • Create a threads that is more than 300 words or a long article
        • Achieve at least 200 of sharing, likes and views in total, 3,000 AIN reward
      • Design
        • Design any peripherals including posters, mascot or emojis with the theme of AI Network. The community manager will select the work that gets into the final round of community voting. The ambassadors will gain 3,000 AIN with 100 votes.
    • Tasks:
      • Lead conversations within their channels about AI Network (10 candidates)
      • Attract new users to the official AIN telegram group.
      • Translate related materials
      • Educate the community about the project
    • 1st round of Ambassador Program duration: 1 month
    • Total budget: 30,000 AIN for 10 ambassadors


  • Description: To activate the current users and attract new users to the CN TG group and hire 10 ambassadors to promote the AI Network projects.
  • Amount: 47,200 AIN
  • Date: TBD
  • Impact: The Chinese Telegram group is one of the approaches to achieving the goal of AI Network globally expanding plan in 2023. China as one of the biggest and most active markets plays an important role in the Web3 field contributing both transaction volume and community activities. Reaching out to Chinese-speaking communities via KOLs will help to increase awareness of AIN on a global scale and develop more opportunities for the adoption of AI Network. The campaign will expand the AI Network community coverage, leading to increased demand for AIN tokens and potentially driving up its value.


  • Increase in the number of online users in CN TG group.
  • Increase in the new users of CN TG group.
  • Potentially increase in demand for AIN tokens.
  • Raise brand awareness and enhance WOM
  • Drive traffic to the official CN TG group

Project’s success metrics and KPIs:

  • Increased online users in CN TG group. (100+, one month after the proposal was carried out)
  • Increased new users of CN TG group. (3,000, one month after the proposal was carried out)


The team’s Chinese marketing agency will be responsible for the campaign. The agency is consist of marketing professionals with exclusive experience in marketing in Chinese market and will be dedicated to ensuring the success of the testing campaign and achieve the set targets.

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Thanks for improving the proposal and resubmitting it. Now we’re on the 1round of voting.

And please give me your telegram handle.

here is the community link and mine :grinning:

And discord handle too. :slight_smile:

Please check

Thank you! The proposal was approved on 1 round and we will move to 2nd round.

It’s approved on 2nd round as well.

And please update the monthly report here.

AI Network DAO Proposal Progress Report—— December 1

Summary of the past two months

Key points:

We have delivered the following events for Chinese marketing:

  1. Regular Activity Ranking Event
  2. Quiz Event
  3. Ambassador Program

Performance Summary

During the past 2 months of the campaign, we helped the project conduct 3 events, namely the regular activity ranking event, the quiz event, and the Ambassador Program.

  • The community grew significantly during our service along with the extra marketing approaches including media and external community exposure.
    • The number of the Chinese Telegram community has grown significantly from 2,079(Oct. 9) to 6,402(Nov. 24) during the past 2 months, which surpassed the KPI.
    • Online users have surged to over 400 by the end of the event period, which surpassed the KPI.
    • In addition, daily messages increased from around dozens to roughly 100+ on average daily.
    • Total budget spent vs Total budget proposed: 43,200 AIN / 47,200 AIN


1. Regular Activity Ranking Event

  1. We have conducted 4 rounds of activity ranking events, starting from Oct.9 till Nov. 5 (4 weeks). A total of 40 winners were selected and 32 were successfully paid with the rewards. (The reason of not receiving the rewards is due to that the winners did not provide their Discord ID).
  2. The total budget spent was 12,200AIN out of 13,200AIN which was proposed.
  3. Please refer to the below links for more details.

2. Quiz Event

  1. We have conducted 4 rounds of quiz events, starting from Oct.16 till Nov. 12 (4 weeks). A total of 20 winners were selected and 15 were successfully paid with the rewards. (The reason of not receiving the rewards is due to that the winners did not provide their Discord ID).
  2. The total budget spent was 3,000AIN out of 4,000AIN which was proposed.
  3. Please refer to the below links for more details.

3. Ambassador Program

  1. We have carried out the Ambassador Program during the last two months and 9 candidates in total have met the requirements. All of them have achieved more than 300 views and 2 of them have achieved over 20k views.
  2. The total budget was 30,000 AIN originally planned for 10 ambassadors and 27,000 AIN was rewarded to 9 KOLs.
  3. Please refer to the below capture images: