AIN DAO Bot Manual - Command functions (Transfer, Check Balance, Withdraw, Deposit)

If you ever need help using AIN DAO Bot, you can do so through the command function.

1. :person_tipping_hand: :person_tipping_hand:/help: You can check how to use it in English or Korean.

2. :balance_scale: :balance_scale:/ain balance: You can check how many AIN credits you have.

3. :love_letter: :love_letter:/ain give: You can send the AIN credits to other people.
E.g.) /ain give to <user> amount:<10> reason:< I just like it>

4. :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: /ain withdraw: You can transfer your AIN Credit to $AIN.

  • A. Type in the command field: /ain withdraw and select the chain to send Ethereum or AI Network. (Temporary, only Ethereum chain is available.)
  • B. Put in your eth wallet address and type the amount you want to withdraw. You can withdraw over 10 AIN credits.
  • C. You must manually import tokens when viewing your withdrawal transactions on your MetaMask wallet. Refer to β€œ:coin: To import tokens :coin:” below for instructions.

5. :moneybag: :moneybag: /ain deposit: You can deposit your $AIN to AIN Credit

  • A. Type in the field: /ain deposit, then you will receive a personal $AIN deposit address starting from 0x…
  • B. And copy the address
  • C. Go to ETH wallet and find β€œAIN.” If you can not find AIN, import manually. Refer to β€œ:coin: To import tokens :coin:” below for instructions.
  • D. Click β€œSend” and paste the address from Step A.
  • E. Type the $AIN amount that you want to send
  • F. Click β€œNext” and β€œConfirm”
  • G. Go back to AIN DAO Discord (AI Network DAO) and type /ain balance to confirm the deposit has been made correctly. If the deposited $AIN amount is less than 500, it will not be paid out. However, it will be reflected if the total deposited amount is 500 or more.

6. :spiral_notepad::spiral_notepad: /ain deposit_history: You can check your deposit history.

:coin: To import tokens :coin:

  • A. Open MetaMask and go to Assets
  • B. Click β€œImport Token.”
  • C. Select β€œCustom Token.”
  • D. Enter the below token contract address: 0x3a810ff7211b40c4fa76205a14efe161615d0385
  • E. Click β€œAdd custom token.”
  • F. Your wallet balance for that token will now display.