AIN DAO Bot Manual - How to Earn AIN Credit

What is AIN DAO Bot
AIN DAO Bot is a Discord bot created to operate a token economy automatically. It provides AIN credit as a reward for activities.

First-chat Rewards: Invitee receives AIN / Inviter also earns AINper person, up to five times a day

  1. Click AI Network DAO banner on the upper left side and click “Invite People."

  2. Click the “Setting” icon on the bottom right side. Don’t copy “” link. The custom link is not calculated.

  3. Click “Generate a new link.”

  4. Copy randomly generated links.

  5. Send the link and invite your friends over to the AIN DAO discord channel

  6. When your friend joins“ AIN DAO, they will first begin at the “#start-here” channel and receive this message.

  7. When your friend verifies to #first-chat and leaves their first message, AIN will be provided to the invitee, and also AIN will be rewarded to the invite.

  8. Notice

  • After making the link accessible, AIN will get paid only to the creator of the link (original inviter). For example, if B passes C the link created by A, B cannot get a reward; the link creator, A, gets AIN, and C gets AIN, but B gets none.
  • If the invitee does not post their first chat message in #first-chat, the inviter and the invitee will not receive AIN rewards.
    *The inviter can receive invitation rewards up to 5 times daily. For example, even if ten people access the AIN DAO with the invitation link created by person A, person A can only receive AIN rewards up to 5 times daily. However, AIN will be rewarded equally to the 6th to 10th invitees.
  • The number of invitees resets every midnight (PST).
  • Members already in the discord channel can get AIN by posting their #first-chat.

Tweet-ai-network Rewards: AIN per tweet, once per day

  1. Follow AI Network on Twitter

  2. Tweet about us or Quote a Tweet from one of our tweets while tagging <Mission words: @ainetwork_ai #AINetwork #AIN_DAO #AIN>

  3. Copy the tweet link (click the share icon at the bottom right).

  4. Paste the tweet link in the #tweet-ai-network channel. If hashtags and mentions are added appropriately, AIN DAO BOT will respond.

  5. You will receive AIN within 24 hours after the Admin review.