Build your discord bot!

Main Contents

  • We willl use AINFT Builder Discord App to build our own QA Chatbot
  • We will use Prompt Dialog Customized AI Model to use Discord Bot

Things we will go through

  1. Make our own discord server
  2. Use AINFT Bot Builder to make Discord QA Chatbot
  3. Use Discord bot (and commands that you can use with your bot)
  4. Think about the relationships between AI QA Chatbot and NFT

Materials you will need

1. Build my own Discord server

(You need to do this because you need admin permission)

  1. Click add server to create your server

    (Translation: Click “Add Server” to create a server)

  2. Click “Make your own!”

  3. Click “For me and my friends!”스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 3.44.18.png

  4. Name your server! (ex. QA Chatbot)스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 3.44.47.png

  5. Done!스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 3.45.01.png

2. Add AINFT Builder App

  1. Click the link - Discord
  2. Give ainft-builder bot permission (Click the server the you have created above)스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 4.01.54.png
  3. Check if ainft-builder-bot user and ainft-bot-factory channel has been added!스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.07.54.png

3. Make QA Chatbot

  1. With in #ainft-bot-factory channel type /ainft init qa_chatbot_1 스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.09.31.png
  2. Pick AI Model you want
  • Available selections are [GPT-J 6B (Eng)]( and [KoGPT 6B (Kor)]( . GPT-J 6B was made by EleutherAI which is based in English and KoGPT 6B was made by KakaoBrain based in Korean. (More information about GPT-J is available in this link link)스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.10.59.png
  1. Select channel that the bot will be active in!스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.11.58.png
  2. Add 3 Q&A Dialog (One question and one answer is a set)스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.13.53.png
  • Bot: Please enter your 1st question.
  • User: What is your name?
  • Bot: Please enter your answer to the 1st question.
  • User: My name is You-Ah-In
  • Questions and answers help the bot by Few-shot learning which gives the bot Identity
  1. Finshed!!

  • User: Please enter your 3rd question.
  • User: What is your job?
  • Bot: Please enter your answer to the 3rd question.
  • User: I am an actor
  • Bot: You have successfully requested an AINFT build.

4. Use the QA Chatbot!

  • By going to the selected channel, you can ask questions!
  • It takes bit of time for the bot to answer so you can check the status like the image below.
    스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.30.34.png
  • Just because it only has few dialogs does not mean its dumb! it is rather quiet clever!
    • input
      스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.33.12.png
    • output
      스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 6.34.39.png

5. Try different commands as well!

  • There are other commands that you can try!
    스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 8.15.13.png

Discord QA Chatbot’s structure diagram

스크린샷 2022-05-24 오후 9.43.25.png