Convert Real Image to cartoon image by using AIN script open it permanent

Title: Convert Real Image to cartoon image by using AIN script

Author: Ifoodiestore, ifoodiestore#6940

Date posted: 2023/1/10


  • In the IfoodieStore, I want to convert real image to cartoon image.
  • It will help to AIDevelopers, they can find easily this script.
  • This is API which convert image to cartoon image, Open it permanent.


IfoodieStore is a larger business which provides mobile showcases by user requirements uses filters, color manipulation, emojis, text color etc

It is using wordpress(PHP framework) platform there will be perform action by using api script


AI script, Wordpress, PHP

Thanks for your proposal, let me start voting round with AIN DAO committee.

Hi Anjun,

This proposal has been approved so it will open soon.
And please submit a proposal when you have an other request.

AI Network

We inform you of the following actions:

  1. Share the script on the AIN DAO - #scholars channel and introduce the model to people. Many developers can get inspiration from this material.

  2. AI Network can’t guarantee permanent opening this API, but please request it again if it’s closed. If it is closed by AI network, we will notify you via email or newsletter, so please continue to pay attention to our announcement.