Make Stable Diffusion accessible to general users globally

Title: Make Stable Diffusion accessible to general users globally
Author: warmtalent(따능이)#9683, xyz-pixels#9560
Date posted: 2023/05/19


  • Collaborate between AIN DAO and AI artist club to make Stable Diffusion more accessible for general users globally.
  • Develop an easy-to-use platform leveraging the GPU resources provided by AIN DAO.
  • Increase the visibility of both AIN DAO and AI artist club through a successful partnership and generate revenue through advertising.
  • Enhance the AI art community by promoting the usage of Stable Diffusion among non-expert users.


  • Stable Diffusion, though highly powerful, is challenging for non-experts to use.
  • AIN DAO and AI artist club have resources that, when combined, could democratize access to Stable Diffusion globally.
  • A partnership between the two groups could raise their public profiles, provide a public good, and generate revenue through advertising.

Scope of Work

  • Develop an easy-to-use interface for Stable Diffusion.
  • Optimize the use of AIN DAO’s GPU resources to ensure efficient functioning of the platform.
  • Implement revenue-generating features like advertising banners.
  • Promote the platform among the AI art community globally.


  • Make Stable Diffusion accessible to general users globally.
  • Increase the visibility of AIN DAO and AI artist club.
  • Generate advertising revenue that could be channeled back to the DAO.
  • Promote AI art within a broader community.


  • Simple UI/UX design and frontend development.
  • Backend development for the platform and efficient GPU utilization.
  • Implement advertising banners system.
  • Beta testing, user feedback and upgrade.
  • Official release and promotion.


  • Simple UI/UX Design, Frontend/Backend Development, and Advertisement Implementation: 3 weeks.
  • Beta Testing, User Feedback and Upgrade : 2 weeks.
  • Official Release and Promotion: 2 weeks.


  • The platform will be a web-based application.
  • It’s easy to make it available on phones too.
  • It will use AIN DAO’s GPU resources to run Stable Diffusion.
  • It will feature an intuitive design making it accessible to non-expert users.
  • Advertising banners will be implemented to generate revenue.


  • Description: GPU resources(A100 or lower) from AIN DAO.
  • Amount: I think it would be nice to start small with one and work my way up…
  • Date: ASAP.
  • Impact: Democratize access to Stable Diffusion, boost the visibility of both groups, promote AI art within a broader community, and generate revenue for the DAO.


  • Reach at least 1000 users globally within the first month of launch.
  • Generate a set amount of advertising revenue within the first quarter.
  • Attain a user satisfaction rate of above 80%.


  • A team of developers from AI artist club.
  • Support from AIN DAO in terms of GPU resources, promotion, and advertising.
  • The exact roles and time commitments of each member to be decided.


  • Approve/Disapprove/Support the proposal but needs revision

Thank you for submitting this proposal. Before we move to the voting round, I request more details to understand this project fully.

  1. What are your plans for using this resource? Is it for model training or server? The supported specifications may vary depending on the usage.
  2. Please provide the start and end dates for the support you need.
  3. We would appreciate a detailed plan explaining what participants in the AI Network ecosystem will gain from this project. The provided resource comes from Runo NFT(, which operates the resource services. Therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate the advantage to be given to resource contributors in favor of voting.

Feel free to add to the post or reply to those three requests.

Thank you so much for your interest and curiosity. I’ve added the following, which I hope will help you understand the project.

  1. Usage Plan
  • We intend to use the provided resources to operate a web-based SD service server.
  • This initiative is planned to cater to the vast majority who find it challenging to use SD, enabling them to create their unique AI art pieces effortlessly.
  • Our primary objective is to simplify SD services and offer them to AI authors who need it the most.
  1. Start and End Dates
  • Start date: May 25th
  • End date: August 31st
  • We plan to conduct a pilot operation for approximately three months, followed by a period of refinement and improvement based on the user experience and feedback.
  1. Rewards
  • Participants within the AI Network ecosystem will have free access to the improved SD services.
  • Upon securing a substantial user base, we intend to generate advertising revenue, which will be distributed among the resource contributors, thereby providing them with a clear incentive and advantage for their valuable contribution.

Sounds Great! Do you have a marketing plan to reach users worldwide?

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Absolutely, we have a strategic marketing plan to reach global users.

Firstly, we aim to leverage prominent international communities, such as the Reddit Stable Diffusion community, to publicize our services. This can serve as a fantastic platform to introduce our improved SD services to a wider, global audience. You can find more about this community here:

Additionally, we are the pioneering team behind the first AI Art community(AI Artist Club) and also the leader group of the largest AI community(AI Korea) in our home country. Our plan involves first thoroughly testing the utility and efficacy of our services domestically, and then gradually expanding our reach to international AI Art communities via our overseas members.

This stepwise approach allows us to ensure that our services are finely tuned to the needs of the community before we scale up to a global level. Furthermore, it also ensures that when we do reach out to global users, we do so with a product that is reliable, user-friendly, and fully capable of meeting their AI Art needs.

We are excited about our plan and believe it is the best way to reach and benefit AI authors worldwide.

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So appreciate your detailed feedback.

And we need one more piece of information. You requested support for about 3 months, but it seems the project will be provided for operation for a fairly long period after launch, according to the timeline.
Please give me a more specific plan for proceeding when the sponsorship ends in 3 months.

Certainly, we have plans in place for continued operation post the initial three-month support period.

After rigorous testing and validation of our services, we will continue to refine and enhance the system based on user feedback and requirements. If the response and uptake from our community are positive, we intend to request additional resources and seek to extend the support period, thereby ensuring long-term operation beyond the initial three months.

While it might be somewhat premature at this stage, we also envision potential collaboration activities with AI Artist Clubs and corporations. These collaborations could take the form of joint marketing events and other operational engagements. Such partnerships would not only provide additional support for our project but also foster a more vibrant, active AI art community.

To sum up, our intention is to sustain and grow our services in the long run, with an aim to continually enhance our offering and expand our user base. We believe in the potential of this project and are committed to its success, both within the immediate three-month timeframe and beyond.

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Great! We’re looking forward to seeing the final version. This project is fully approved so I will contact you directly to get the information for providing resources.