[Proposal] AC∞ Educational Program Sponsorship for AIN Ecosystem Expansion

Author: 김우철(Discord ID: tm_uchal)/박형준/장권호

Date posted: 2023/10/11

Education Information Site : Active Citizen Infinity. (bubbleapps.io)


  • AC∞ (Active Citizen Infinity) is an educational institution aimed at nurturing Web 3.0 Product Makers.
  • Through AC∞’s program, AIN’s blockchain system can be promoted, and the number of RUNO NFT holders can be increased.
  • As more products utilizing the AIN system emerge, the AIN ecosystem is expected to grow rapidly.


  • Opening an online education site, encouraging new user registrations, and actively promoting AIN programs within the site. ⇒ Goal: Secure 10,000+ new users

  • Securing AIN computing power providers (CPU/GPU workers) and awarding RUNO CPU Workers upon completion of online/offline education. ⇒ Increase RUNO NFT holders by 500+

  • Securing AIN service users. ⇒ Encouraging Web 3.0 product makers to utilize AIN services for cloud computing.

  • Hosting future Web 3.0 Product Maker conferences. ⇒ Providing sessions for official promotion of AIN and RUNO NFT.


  • Monthly budget of 400,000 AIN is required, with a total of 5 mentors needed, where 1 mentor is assigned to every 6 participants. The project lead, Mr. Kim Woochul, is excluded from the mentor cost calculation. Each mentor will receive 80,000 AIN per month (a total of 800,000 AIN for 2 months after operation in November and December).
  • 60 RUNO CPU Workers will be awarded to participants upon completion of the education program. Any remaining RUNO CPU Workers will be allocated to outstanding participants based on assessment by program cohorts.
  • Venue rental for education sessions inside the Uncommon Gallery on Saturdays and Sundays in November and December (from 10 AM to 7 PM).


AI Network (AIN) is a cloud computing service platform based on blockchain technology. It allows numerous developers to plan and execute projects without environmental constraints on the AIN platform. Particularly, for projects requiring high-level computational power like deep learning and AI, using hardware data centers can incur substantial costs. AIN platform drastically reduces these costs.

To effectively operate the remote computing sharing system model, which relies on sharing individual CPUs and GPUs rather than traditional hardware data centers, AIN must secure a substantial amount of computing power and resources.

Effective collaboration with AC∞ is essential to secure contributors who can provide the necessary computing resources.

We believe that for Web 3.0 to expand, two key factors are required:

  1. An increase in users who understand Web 3.0.
  2. The cultivation of product makers who can leverage Web 3.0 blockchain technology.

In this process, AIN’s cloud computing sharing system is considered highly attractive and can be utilized actively.

About AC∞ (Active Citizen Infinity, ‘∞’)

Active Citizen Infinity (hereinafter referred to as AC∞) is an educational institution that aims to empower individuals to contribute to social change and development while actively performing their responsibilities and roles within their communities. AC∞ operates as a Web 3.0 Product Maker education institution.

AC∞ is built on the foundation of Web 3.0 technologies, including blockchain, and seeks to educate students with a high level of understanding in areas such as distributed data, user ownership, personal data protection, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and smart contracts. The ultimate vision is to prepare individuals to construct and navigate a more efficient and secure next-generation digital world.

Students who are interested in Web 3.0 have the opportunity to plan and create products based on blockchain technology, gaining practical experience that enables them to effectively utilize Web 3.0. Through this process, they grow into entities that not only use AIN/RUNO but also contribute to shaping products, services, and ecosystems.

The AC∞ team comprises experts in Product Management who have experience in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. They are deeply immersed in product planning, management, and effective operation methods. They are also actively exploring various initiatives to be at the forefront of Web 3.0 product development.

AC∞ Team Vision:

Here is the direction and vision that our team aims to pursue:

  1. We cultivate users with a high level of understanding in Web 3.0, including blockchain, through our Web 3.0 bootcamp.
  2. We establish the largest Web 3.0 community in the country, becoming a leading group that guides the Next Generation Digital System.
  3. We become the best team at Web 3.0 product planning.

AC∞ is committed to these objectives to make a meaningful impact in the realm of Web 3.0.

Alignment with AIN’s mission & values:

To achieve AIN’s mission of pursuing “building a network that can be shared and collaborated on in real-time from anywhere in the world” and believing that “collaboration is the future of AI,” it is essential to have an increasing number of users, both product makers and users of the services, active on the AIN platform.

We are confident that as more Web 3.0 product makers receive education and grow through AC∞, and as more products are developed using AIN’s platform, AIN’s mission and vision can be rapidly achieved.

Scope of Work

In the process of effectively achieving AC∞ team’s vision, collaboration with the AI network represents a mutually beneficial opportunity for growth. As a team well-versed in Web 3.0, we clearly understand the significance of AI network technologies in the future. During our education process for students, we aim to effectively promote AIN and encourage the utilization of AIN’s RUNO NFT-powered cloud computing sharing system. This, in turn, will benefit the AI network by securing computing contributors and users.

To achieve these objectives, our scope of work includes the following:

  1. Create the most influential Web 3.0 bootcamp.
  2. Plan the “AllovNAI” program for students, fostering the formation of the largest Web 3.0 community in the country.
  3. Collaborate with AIN to plan Web 3.0 conferences, enhancing the recognition of AC∞’s educational programs and RUNO NFT.


Here are the detailed steps for achieving our goals:

Level 1. (AIN Provider Acquisition)

  • Introduce AIN processes through the AC∞ education program.
  • Encourage each student to write a blog about how AIN works (including blogging as part of the educational curriculum).
  • Reward each cohort of 30 students (upon completion) with RUNO tokens (to become AIN providers).
  • Students will possess RUNO NFTs and have the experience of sharing their computing power.

Level 2. (AIN Consumer Acquisition)

  • Enable students to use AIN cloud services for the products they plan.

    ⇒ Generate contracts (a minimum of 10 products) (to become AIN consumers).

  • Guide and recommend students planning Web 3.0 products to utilize the AIN system, encouraging them to become users of the AIN cloud computing system.

Level 3. Expansion (Domestic)

  • For example, establish the largest AI developer community in the country.

    (Assess market size, collect data on the number of AI developers nationwide).

  • Organize a Web 3.0 planner/developer conference that can promote AI Network services.

    ⇒ Conduct this program through AC∞ / Promote AIN’s cloud computing sharing system.

Level 4. (Quantum Leap - Global & B2B Model)

  • Implement a B2B business model for cloud computing data server sharing (to be conducted by AIN).

    ⇒ Massive cost savings compared to hardware server setup costs.

    ⇒ Considerable return on investment.

Regular Bootcamp Program:

The AC∞ team’s Web 3.0 bootcamp begins by enhancing students’ fundamental understanding of Web 3.0. Building on this foundation, we apply concrete product development methodologies that have been used in the traditional Web 2.0 context.

We will work to organize and refine the boundless ideas of our students, guiding them through the process of product planning. Over the course of approximately four weeks during the bootcamp, our goal is to assist them in creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is actually functional and can work in practice.

Education Information Site : Active Citizen Infinity. (bubbleapps.io)

Detailed Curriculum:

  • Daily Format
    • Education: (50 minutes + 10 minutes) * 6 sessions
    • Lecture Q&A: 20 minutes
    • Mentor 1 on 1: 100 minutes
  • Daily Curriculum
    • Week 1 DAY 1: Orientation, Defining Web 3.0 Services, Market Research Methodology

      • Overview of Blockchain & Web 3.0: Chains, Wallets, Data
      • Providing basic material on Bubble
    • Week 1 DAY 2: Discover

      • User Interviews / Survey Design
      • Building Target Personas
    • Week 2 DAY 3: Define

      • User Journey Maps
      • Alternative Idea Exploration
      • Creating a Business Model (Business Model Canvas)
      • Designing User Scenarios
    • Week 2 DAY 4: Develop

      • Building Information Architecture (Sitemaps)
      • Creating Feature Definitions (Defining each feature)
      • Constructing Flowcharts (Drafts)
      • Creating Wireframes (Low-mid-high fidelity)
      • Making Storyboards (Comprehensive)
    • Week 3 DAY 5: Bubble Clone Coding

      • Step-by-step walkthrough
    • Week 3 DAY 6: Bubble MVP Building

      • Continuing from weeks 1 and 2, building an MVP using Bubble for their own planned project.

        ⇒ Mentor’s role: Defining MVP scope and limiting the scope to work within a maximum of 1-week timeframe.

    • Week 4 DAY 7: Pitch

      • Presentation Outline / Design Planning
      • Full Presentation
    • Week 4 DAY 8: Presentation and Graduation Ceremony

Expectation Outcomes (Educational):

We will strongly encourage our students to document their products that they plan and create. Information about these Web 3.0 products will be consistently shared on platforms like blogs, IT communities (such as Disqus, Surf), which will have a positive impact on the Web 3.0 ecosystem in the long term.

As students’ products influence the IT market landscape, the public will develop an interest in the AI Network system. We anticipate that this will aid in securing RUNO NFT users in the long run.


Level 1 ~ Level 2

Execution Objective: Implementation of the Web 3.0 bootcamp program and student education / Acquisition of AIN&RUNO users.

Execution Period: Until March 31, 2024 (1st Quarter 2024).

Level 3

Execution Objective: Organize the Web 3.0 Product Maker Conference.

Execution Period: First Half of 2024 (1H 2024).

Success Metrics and KPIs

Target Measurement (KPIs):

  1. AIN New Member Sign-ups: 10,000+

    • Encourage new user sign-ups through paid/free courses (such as IT Product Maker/No-code Bubble courses) conducted online and offline.
  2. RUNO Holders: 500+

    • Offer RUNO CPU Worker as a bonus upon the purchase of official Web 3.0 Product Maker online/offline courses.
  3. Real Token Transaction Volume Usage:

    • Achieve monthly AIN transactions of over 50 million KRW by growing into a web3-based online/offline education platform.
      & Establish a token ecosystem for transactions between education programs.
    • Provide benefits to students when purchasing AC∞ education programs with AIN tokens (e.g., 10% education fee discount).

    ⇒ Establish real use cases for AIN tokens.

Brand Usage

We plan to formally incorporate education on the AIN system into our curriculum within our educational programs. To support this initiative and enhance the understanding within the AIN team, we may require educational support on topics such as the AI Network working process and the RUNO CPU/GPU worker installation process.

Furthermore, in all promotional processes related to AC∞’s Web 3.0 Product Bootcamps, the AIN DAO tag will be included.

We believe that these steps will contribute to better integrating AIN into our educational offerings and promoting awareness of AIN DAO.

Squad Background

As previously explained, the AC∞ team consists of Product Manager experts with experience in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Our team members have a keen interest in various domains including education, finance, healthcare, NFTs, and more.

Thank you for submitting your proposal. I have reviewed it thoroughly. However, I have some concerns regarding your familiarity with the AIN DAO community and the alignment of this proposal with our community mission.

I kindly request that you actively engage with the AIN DAO community before making any updates to your proposal. This will allow you and our community to collaborate and develop a more effective strategy.