[Proposal] Aeon Studio-Curated Exhibitions 2024 (Feb-July))

1. Your name
ShinyTiger (Aeon Studio)

2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery

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4. Your email address

5. Title of proposed exhibition/event

Aeon Studio-Curated Exhibitions 2024 (Feb-July)

  • Feburary : Screensavers Exhibition
  • March : Curative Exhibition - Serena Tabacchi
  • April : SOMA Exhibition
  • June : Neort++ X Aeon Studio Collaborative Exhibition (JPN/KOR)
  • July : DADA 10th Anniversary Exhibition

6. Event duration

  • Screensavers Exhibition: February 20th - March 9th
  • Curative Exhibition - Serena Tabacchi : March 15th - 19th
  • SOMA Exhibition: April 16th - 30th
  • Neort++ X Aeon Studio Collaborative Exhibition (JPN/KOR): June 15th - 29th
  • DADA.ART 10th Anniversary Exhibition: July

7. Your bio
Aeon Studio is a Web 3 creative studio whose mission is to explore, fortify, and advocate the inherent artistic values of crypto art. By redefining what it means to exhibit art, Aeon Studio is pioneering in novel approaches to collecting culture and curator economy. Our focus is specifically on the art realm of this movement, and we aim to innovate the relationship between collectors and artists by enriching the collecting culture using the Web 3 gamification model.

8. Expected number of attendees
Expected attendance: approximately 60-100 attendees for each opening reception.
On-offline conference: anticipating over 50 participants.

9. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.

  1. Screensavers
  • Curator: Aleksandra Art
  • Total participating artists: 18
  • Exhibition Description: The “SCREENSAVERS” exhibition, scheduled for February 2024, is a digital and crypto art exhibition centered around the theme of ‘Screensavers.’ Initiated with a review by renowned critic Jerry Saltz on Refik Anadol’s artificial intelligence artwork installed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, describing it as an banal ‘screensaver,’ this exhibition challenges the bias that digital art is simple or superficial. Through the works of various artists, it aims to showcase the depth and creativity of this medium. The artworks are crafted in a 16:9 ratio, embracing the formats once used to mock digital art, drawing inspiration from vintage screensavers and conceptualizing the mirror-like nature of digital activity on screens. This exhibition, a playful challenge to the seriousness of ‘art’ and biases in the art world, seeks to spark an expanded conversation about the value of digital art.
  1. Curative Exhibition : Serena Tabacchi
  • Curator : Serena Tabacchi
  • The Curative Exhibition invites crypto art curators worldwide to feature the crypto artists and works they consider noteworthy. In March of this year, Serena Tabacchi, the curator of the inaugural Curative Exhibition, serves as the co-founder and director of the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. Additionally, in her role as an independent digital art curator, she organized the first international NFT exhibitions, events and fairs, coordinating digital art exhibitions for various Italian museums and foundations. This exhibition, curated by Serena Tabacchi, introduces the prevailing crypto art scene that she deems most notable, providing a unique perspective and deep expertise in digital art.
  1. SOMA Exhibition
  • Artists : Polygon1993, Louis Dazy, Lukas, Oelhan, Lighton
  • SOMA Exhibition is a group exhibition featuring 5 prolific crypto artists in Paris, France. Polygon1993, Louis Dazy, Lukas, Oelhan, Lighton, these five French artists with diverse artistic domains and styles have come together to explore the desires for both digital art and traditional art, as well as the new horizons presented by NFTs. They have formed a new crypto artist group. SOMA, born out of a quest for diversity and innovation, showcases powerful and captivating digital art filled with the essence of French sensibility. The exhibition goes beyond digital art, presenting works in various materials and styles such as canvas, wood, and printing. SOMA Exhibition is set to be a special crypto art exhibition that awakens our artistic senses.
  1. Neort++ X Aeon Studio Collaborative Exhibition (JPN/KOR)
  • Collaborative exhibition between Japan’s digital and crypto art gallery, Neort++, and Aeon Studio
  • Located in Tokyo, Neort++ Gallery, led by director Niinomi, who is a developer and artist, is a crypto art gallery that experiments with exhibitions integrating technology and art. The gallery focuses on generative art and digital installation art using computer technology. This collaborative exhibition between Aeon Studio and Neort++ will showcase specially selected artists from both Japan and Korea, presenting a joint exhibition. The exhibition is scheduled to be displayed simultaneously at Uncommon Gallery and Neort++ in Japan, designed as a network exhibition with each space curated to align with a common theme. It promises to be a unique and interconnected showcase of artistic expression.
  1. DADA.ART 10th Anniversary Exhibition
  • DADA is a web3 art ecosystem and community comprising over 175,000 members, co-founded by Beatriz Ramos and Judy Mam. Drawing inspiration from the early 20th-century Dadaist art movement, which aimed to dismantle elitism and capitalism in the art society, DADA envisions disrupting art through the utilization of web3 technology. Since the launch of the DADA digital platform in 2014, where artists collaboratively create artworks, the platform incorporated blockchain technology in 2017. This pioneering art project encoded royalties into Ethereum smart contracts, enabling creators to earn revenue from secondary sales, marking it as one of the first art projects to do so. Additionally, in 2019, DADA collaborated with roboticist Alex Reben to program the DADAGAN artificial intelligence bot using 115,000 artworks. The current exhibition commemorates DADA’s 10th anniversary, offering an opportunity to explore the projects and artworks established by DADA over the past decade and delve into the new standards and values shaping the evolving art scene.

10. Exhibition/event details

These exhibitions introduce various artists and projects that play a special role in the global web3 art scene. Alongside the exhibitions, we have planned online and offline artist talks and conferences. Unique events and collaborative exhibitions tailored to each showcase are carefully curated to align with the specific themes and concepts of each exhibition, offering diverse and engaging experiences for the audience.

11. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery

  • Soulabs(Education): We will host art talk sessions for the AI Network and Uncommon Gallery community. The curators and artists behind each exhibition will share insights into their respective fields and artistic perspectives. As many artists plan to visit Korea, this provides a platform for direct interaction with the audience, serving as both a networking and educational opportunity.
  • Marketing: The artists and curators participating in this exhibition are key figures in the crypto scene and influential personalities. For instance, global artists from SOMA have followers exceeding 300,000, acting as influencers to promote Uncommon Gallery’s goals and projects through social media.
  • Collaboration: We aim to establish new collaborative relationships through partnerships, such as AI.P collaborations and exchange exhibitions with Gallery, providing added value through these derived connections.

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