[Proposal] AI Korea Exhibition

  1. Your name
  • Warmtalent(따능이), representing AI Korea.
  1. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery
  • I was introduced to Uncommon Gallery by ShinyTiger and Simon.
  1. Your Discord tag
  • warmtalent(따능이)#9683
  1. Your email address
  1. Title of proposed exhibition/event
  • “The Voyage of AI”
  1. Event duration
  • Exhibition period: 10/28-11/3, with the Opening Party set for 10/28.
  1. Your bio
  • AI Korea stands as the most expansive AI community in Korea, boasting a membership that exceeds 9,000 individuals who share a fervent passion for AI. These members actively study, share information, and explore the application of AI in real life. As a hub of collaboration and education, AI Korea has remarkably accelerated the integration of AI into daily living. With an educational approach, we have experienced exponential growth since the onset of this year.
    AI Korea Community
  1. Expected number of attendees
  • Throughout the exhibition, we expect a turnout of approximately 200 attendees. For our opening reception, we anticipate a gathering of around 100 attendees. The event targets a diverse audience, from artists and tech aficionados to scholars deeply vested in the intersection of art and technology.
  1. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event
  • “The Voyage of AI” serves as the beacon for our exhibition, epitomizing the revolutionary era that burgeoning AI technologies promise to humanity. Drawing parallels to the Age of Exploration, where new worlds were unveiled, the swift evolution of AI signifies the dawn of a new epoch – the Age of AI. This exhibition endeavors to paint a vivid picture of this imminent ‘Great AI Age.’ It offers a canvas where attendees can witness the rebirth of art forms and infinite possibilities emerging from the synergy between humans and AI. We seek to challenge traditional artistic boundaries while underlining the transformative potential of digital innovations.
  1. Exhibition/event details
  • Our showcase will illuminate the exquisite creations of budding AI artists from AI Korea’s vast membership of 9,000. The opening party promises a vibrant agenda: an exposition of artists’ masterpieces, a heartfelt address from AI Korea’s representative—flying in from New York especially for this exhibition—and an enlightening seminar centered on the realm of AI art.
  1. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery
  • This exhibition stands as a monumental occasion—marking the first offline congregation of over 9,000 AI Korea members. We anticipate that a broad spectrum of AI enthusiasts will gain acquaintance with both Uncommon Gallery and the AI Network. This rendezvous presents a golden opportunity to augment the global artist community affiliated with Uncommon Gallery and the AI Network.

AIN DAO approved this proposal.
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