[Proposal] AI Network Ambassadors AIN Markting (2023 November Activity Rewards)

Mission of Work:
The primary goal of this proposal is to continue to grow AI Network’s ambassadors and help them grow their marketing campaigns and communities.

The AI Network Ambassadors have continued their marketing efforts to target Korean investors.

The ambassadors conduct activities in line with each mission and market AI Network’s brand.

They also conduct various forms of marketing that can promote the sales of Runo Node.

Past Achievements:

Results of recruiting and collaborating with Korean and global KOL partners
Goals : Attracted Korean and global investors through a total of 20 embedders and created a positive brand image through continuous exposure

Estimated Engagement: We’ve planned for about 60 KO Naver Blog and crypto-community posts per month on a variety of topics.

Project introduction post results : 11 posts have been created, which help with the Runo NFT minting schedule or the branding of the AI Network.

KOL Post Results : A total of 52 KOL posts were made, giving us exposure to potential crypto investors in South Korea.

Naver Blog / Viral Marketing Results : A total of 33 posts have been created. If you search for AI Network on Naver, a search platform in South Korea, you can see our blog posts / Cryptocurrency Community in the relevant impressions.

Scope of work :
Attaching my work history from November 1, 2023 to November 31, 2023.

1. Write a post for Runo NFT marketing: We wrote a positive post about Runo NFTs and published it across all AI Network channels.

A total of 11 posts were created in 1 month.

**2. KOL marketing to secure domestic and global users:**The cost of sending KOLs is often $100 to $400 a time.

However, I was able to get a lot of exposure by agreeing to 250$ for 10 posts per month for bulk sending on a monthly contract basis.

3. Writing Naver Blogs and viral posts for domestic marketing : We’ve written posts on the Naver blog and the Korean crypto community, so you can find information when searching for AIN keywords.

It can ensure constant exposure.

**4. Ambassador Provide community monitoring and work guidelines : ** Work guidelines were created and distributed to ensure that AIN ambassadors were able to carry out appropriate activities, thereby emphasizing the positive image of the brand.

5. AMA/event activity support and marketing : To attract a large number of users to AMA events such as Twitter Spaces, we utilized KOL marketing to drive new users to AMAs.


  • Exposing Community posts : Create at least 5 posts per month that promote Runo NFT sales and help brand the community, with a minimum of 2,000 views and a maximum of 5,000 views.

  • Exposing KOL posts : Aim for a minimum of 300 views and a maximum of 600 views per KOL post impression.

  • Exposing Blogs posts : Aim for more than 500 views. Aim for posts with different topics on different keywords.

  • Exposing Viral posts : DC inside BTC Gallery, Cobak, ilbe, Antcoin, Talken, Coinpan, Coinness

Increase awareness of AIN keywords by creating posts on channels frequented by Korean crypto investors.

  • Exposing Community Viral : Using their own accounts, the ambassadors engaged in various chat activities on AI Network Telegram and Discord to create a positive brand image.

These tasks have already been performed and you can see the details in the corresponding spreadsheet.

TimeLine :
These activities began on November 1, 2023 and ended on November 31, 2023.

Requested Amount : For a 1-month timeline, we request a comprehensive budget worth $4,500, allocated as follows

  • Writing community posts and running an ambassador : 500$
  • Paid activity fees to 16 embedders : $4,000
  • AIN Token: 444,356 $AIN Token

The conversion rate stands at a per-token rate of $0.010131 (source: MEXC) dated January 14, 2024, timed at 21:04pm KST.

Impact :
Various marketing activities are aimed at enhancing AI Network’s brand position and promoting the expansion and vitality of AI Network’s ecosystem through continuous exposure to Korean and global investors.

Team Info :

MintedLab is a project incubator based in South Korea.

It suggests various marketing directions for cryptocurrency projects and helps the community grow by attracting users.

My name is Demian and I work as a Project Manager at MintedLab and have successfully established more than 15 projects in the Korean market.

AI Network has an excellent Runo NFT model and DAO, which is highly accessible to users, and we aim to bring it to potential investors in Korea.