[Proposal] AI Network Korea AIN Markting in 2024 for Q1

Proposal to AI Network: Enhancing Collaboration through CoinEasy

Objective: To strengthen and expand the partnership between CoinEasy and AI Network, building upon our history of successful collaborations to foster mutual growth and increased market presence.

Background: CoinEasy and AI Network have shared a fruitful relationship, marked by notable achievements including joint events, AMAs, and NFT sales. Our collaboration has consistently driven community engagement and brand visibility, as evidenced by our recent successful events and meetups.

Past Achievements:

  • NEAR Meetup Outcome:


  • Participants: The meetup witnessed the esteemed presence of NEAR founder Illia, liquid staking representative from Metapool, representatives from NEAR Foundation, account abstraction representative from Project Keyform, NEAR representative from DeFi project Proximate Labs, the victorious teams from the Gritch Hackathon, along with developers and token holders.
  • Outcome: This gathering served as a linchpin in fortifying our bonds with diverse chains and partners. It was instrumental in unlocking myriad collaboration vistas within the ambit of the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Alchemy Meetup Outcome:


  • Participants: The Alchemy team led the roster of attendees, which also included cross-chain representatives from the LI.FI team, a mix of domestic and global infrastructure teams, developers, the BitDAO Mantle team, and several others.
  • Outcome: This meetup, hosted at the distinguished Uncommon Gallery, was pivotal in aiding the Alchemy team’s seamless entry into the Korean marketplace. Furthermore, it facilitated a vibrant networking environment and carved out collaboration opportunities with a plethora of teams.
  • Bitcoin Cash Meetup Outcome:



  • CoinEasy orchestrated Bitcoin Cash’s inaugural Korea meetup in collaboration with AI Network at the Uncommon gallery, enhancing brand awareness and fostering relationships with over 80 attendees.
  • 1inch Network Meetup Outcome:





  • Facilitated 1inch Network’s first Korea meetup at the Uncommon gallery in collaboration with AI Network, echoing the success of the previous meetup with over 80 attendees and further promoting AI Network.
  • Potential Future Meetup: ZetaChain Integration and New Year Meetup: CoinEasy introduced ZetaChain to AI Network’s Uncommon Gallery, planning a New Year meetup in Seoul. This event aims to draw global web3 companies’ attention, with CoinEasy acting as a pivotal connector in the web3 event space. This move significantly bolstered Uncommon Gallery’s stature in the international web3 community.

Key Highlights:

  • NFT Sales: Remarkable success in Runo High GPU NFT Sales, selling out in minutes and demonstrating the strong synergy between our platforms.
  • Online Engagement: Garnered over 25,000 views across CoinEasy Telegram, X, and Naver blog, showing significant digital reach.


  1. Telegram: Contact @coiniseasy
  2. RUNO Node NFT Review Event and Quiz Event: These events were central to the partnership’s efforts to foster community engagement. Participants had the opportunity to win rewards for their involvement, with prizes including 150 $AIN and NFTs. The RUNO Node NFT Review Event specifically encouraged users to write reviews and share them on social media platforms using designated hashtags such as #AIN, #AINetwork, #RUNO, and #CoinEasy. This strategic use of social media significantly extended the events’ reach and engagement levels.
  3. Impact and Engagement: The combined events attracted a substantial audience, totaling approximately 2,500 views. This engagement is not just a numerical achievement but also translated into real-world impact, as evidenced by over 10 real Runo NFT buyers submitting reviews. This level of interaction underscores the successful resonance of these events within the community, fostering both interest and active participation.
  • Collaborative Events: Hosted various events including AMAs and meetups with substantial participation, enhancing community engagement and brand awareness.
  • AI Network X Bitcoin Cash AMA



  • Organized a joint event with Bitcoin Cash, AI Network, and MoleDAO, facilitated by CoinEasy, with 387 attendees gaining insight into the AI Network among other communities.
  • AI Network X CoinEasy AMA



  • Hosted an AI Network x CoinEasy AMA focused on the AIN Runo NFT 5th Sale, attracting over 4,200 participants, thus promoting AI Network and the NFT sale effectively.
  • 1inch X AI Network X CoinEasy AMA


Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 11.41.11

  • Hosted an AMA with AI Network x CoinEasy focusing on the AIN Runo NFT Sale, attracting more than 372 participants. This effectively promoted AI Network and the NFT sale to the number 1 DeFi platform, 1inch, as well as to CoinEasy and other communities.

Proposed Strategy for AI Network:

Work Scope: For the upcoming 3month, our strategic plan includes:

  1. Minimum 5 AMA and 3 Community Events: Regular AMAs will be conducted on various platforms to increase the visibility of AI Network and energize the community. Additionally, there will be a minimum of five AMAs or a minimum of three collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).
  2. Web3 Social Engagements: e are planning special events and utilities exclusively for AI Network Passport, Luno NFT, and $AIN token holders. Our goal is to provide unique experiences through a token-gated community. “Web3 social engagements” refer to activities within the CoinEasy app, where Luno NFT or AIN holders can use their MetaMask to access a private token community, share unique experiences, and provide insights or reviews. This allows users to gain real-world experience with Web3 and increases the utility for AIN holders.
  3. CoinEasy Community Integration: Utilizing CoinEasy’s extensive channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Naver Blog, we aim to host joint events, promotions, and educational sessions. This initiative is designed to enhance AI Network’s brand resonance within the CoinEasy community and beyond. We target a 20% increase in user activity and event engagement.
  4. Global Partner Outreach: Planning offline meetups to expand our partnership network and discover new business opportunities. These meetups are expected to attract over 50 global partners from various sectors.

5 KOLs Collaboration Total Over 50k Users:

  • Objective: Leverage the influence of prominent figures in the crypto and tech industries to amplify our message and build wider audience trust.

KOL-authored Blog Post:

  • Plan: A notable KOL will write a detailed blog post about our collaboration, highlighting its benefits, future prospects, and the roadmap. This post will be promoted across AI Network and CoinEasy’s media channels, newsletters, and partner networks.
  • Expected Outcome: A well-informed and engaged community, gaining increased credibility from the KOL’s endorsement, leading to more excitement and anticipation for the collaboration.

Forward Event Announcements with KOL Endorsement:

  • Plan: Upcoming events and programs will gain added credibility through KOL endorsements, shared on key platforms.
  • Expected Outcome: Broader reach and stronger trust in the announcements, leading to higher event attendance.

Community Funnel Events:

  • Plan: Organize KOL-supported events such as quizzes, polls, and giveaways themed around the collaboration to gather feedback and assess community sentiment.
  • Expected Outcome: An active, engaged, and loyal community providing valuable feedback for continual improvement and a strong affiliation with the KOL.

Discussion Session with KOL:

  • Plan: Host an in-depth discussion with the KOL on the benefits and opportunities of the AI Network and CoinEasy collaboration, broadcasting across major platforms.
  • Expected Outcome: Improved brand credibility, heightened awareness, and broader audience engagement.

Impact: These combined activities aim to increase AI Network’s visibility. By intensifying our collaboration with CoinEasy, we anticipate significant growth for the AI Network ecosystem.


  • AMA engagement: Targeting over 300 participants.
  • Web3 social events: Aiming for 300 attendees.
  • Anticipating a 20% rise in AI Network-related activity among CoinEasy’s community members.
  • KOL-authored blog post engagement: Targeting over 1,000 reads and shares.
  • Community Funnel Event Participation: Engaging 70% of active community members.
  • KOL session views: Aiming for a reach of 10,000 viewers.


  • The activities are scheduled over a 3-month period, starting from [start date].

Request Amount:

  • For this 3 months, we request a total budget of 880885 $AIN, allocated as follows:
    • KOL Activities and Community Rewards: 97876 $AIN per month
    • CoinEasy Operational Expenses: 195752 $AIN per month
    • AIN Tokens: 880885 $AIN Tokens
    • Conversion rate: $0.010217 per AIN Token (source: MEXC, January 9, 2023, 10:10pm KST).


  • The proposed activities aim to enhance AI Network’s brand presence within the CoinEasy ecosystem, fostering collaboration opportunities with global partners, and stimulating ecosystem growth.

Squad Info:

  • CoinEasy, South Korea’s leading community accelerator, started in 2021 as an educational hub and has evolved into a web3 social media mobile app for community creation. Learn more on the App Store here and Google Play here.
  • CoinEasy’s entry into Web3 via its social media app facilitates integration with MetaMask wallets using social IDs like Apple and Google Login. This provides AI Network holders an opportunity to solidify their community presence through TokenGate.
  • Traditionally, Discord platform faced scam activities and lacked authentic verification. The CoinEasy app addresses these issues by transitioning to genuine Web3 users, thus enhancing engagement levels. AI Network’s Runo NFT holders, AI Network Passport and AIN token holders can now engage in a richer Web3 experience, supported by a dedicated and secure platform.
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In January 2024, AI Network’s marketing efforts achieved significant outreach, engaging with the CoinEasy community across multiple platforms, accumulating over 10,000 views in total.

:point_right: CoinEasy Telegram chat channel (3k users)

:point_right: CoinEasy Telegram announcement channel (5.4k users)

:point_right: X (18.2k users)

:point_right: CoinEasy Naver Blog (1.2k users)

:point_right: CoinEasy iOS | Android (2k users)

A highlight of the month was the AI Network x CoinEasy AMA, focusing on the AI Network roadmap. The session, valued at $100 worth of $AIN, saw an enthusiastic response from the community, with numerous requests for this AMA.

Moving forward, we plan to align our events more closely with community interests and forge additional partnerships within the web3 ecosystem. This will enhance the utility of AI Network and expand our community outreach. Notably, we are excited about the upcoming Shardeum meetup in March, which we anticipate will attract more users to AI Network.

We are committed to building a more versatile and community-driven AI Network in 2024.