[Proposal] AI Network Korea / Global AIN ambassador


The AI ​​Network (AIN) project is a Web3 project based on AI.

In order to continuously activate the platform and grow the Korean community, we attract KOL influencer promotions and events.

Aim to allocate budget to hire ambassadors who write blogs and create viral marketing posts.

Scope of Work:

The scope of this proposal aims to promote the AI ​​Network Global / Korea Telegram - Twitter - Discord group and attract user access.

Through events and continuous branding

It introduces the various activities of the campaign and helps users participate in conversations.


  • Request cryptocurrency influencers to upload 10 KOL channels per month (Ambassador)
  • Ambassadors write 3 to 4 blog posts per month.
  • Ambassadors write AIN posts on well-known communities (Coinpan/DC) at least 10 times a month.
  • continuous responsive messages to activate Telegram / Discord .This increases user engagement
  • Induce user influx by exposing AIN posts and conversations on other Korean Telegram channels


  • Continuous exposure and branding through Korean and global KOL channels
  • Continuous mention of Runo NFT to new users introduced through events, encouraging purchase


  • September 1st week | Ambassador selection and activities
  • KOL is a 10 Post (1 Month) contract. If not uploaded, it will be carried over to the next month.
  • Monthly: Ambassador activity report uploaded on the 30th of every month


  • Event to attract new users of Korean and global channels
  • Rules: $250 $AIN tokens per month are paid to each user who acts as an ambassador.
  • Rewards: Payment is made through Discord in the last week of every month.
  • We plan to select 10 KOL influencers/blog - 10 viral ambassadors, a total of 20 people.


  • Description: We select 20 ambassadors and pay them an activity fee to expand Korean and global channel users and activate the channel.

  • Amount: $250 worth of $AIN tokens per person per month (22,500 AIN / 0.0111$ standard)

  • The monthly payment amount of AIN varies depending on the AIN price.
  • Date: Started in May 2023
  • Impact:

Korean and English Telegram groups / Discord DAO are the core communities of AI Network.

Activity history or community activity for AI Network’s new projects can increase interest from actual users and maximize branding image.

We reach out to potential customers through KOL influencers by creating more than 100 KOL postings, 30 to 50 blogs, and 100 viral marketing posts per month.

We aim to inform potential investors about AIN and contribute to increasing trading volume.


  • User influx increases [KR (TG) / KR (Twitter) / EN (TG) / EN (Twitter) / Discord DAO]
  • Posting with very positive content on AIN [Telegram KOL / Naver Blog / YouTube / Viral Marketing]
  • Demand could potentially rise by appealing to cryptocurrency market investors about the potential for AIN’s price rise.

Project’s success metrics and KPIs:

Sort the current and expected number of participants
Expected number of community participants as of November 1, 2023

[KR Telegram Annoncement]
September | 2,961 People
November | 3,100 People

[KR Telegram Chat]
September | 1,464 People
November | 1,600 People

[EN Telegram Annoncement]
September | 3,088 People
November | 3,250 People

[EN Telegram Chat]
September | 2,693 People
November | 2,850 People

[Discord DAO]
September | 11,438 People
November | 11,600 People

[Twitter Global]

September | 12,700 People
November | 12,900 People

[Twitter KR]

September | 4,899 People
November | 5,050 People

Ambassador Participants:

KOL marketing is negotiated at a minimum of $100 per upload and at a maximum of $400.

We have a pool of cooperative KOL partners

You can work at a very low cost for a single upload of $25 per upload.

In addition, Naver blogging will cost between $50 and $100 per upload to the parent influencer blog.

However, Ambassador are already running top influencer blogs, and will be able to expose positive posts about AI Network to many potential investors.

We will post these contents to various communities and create a positive community atmosphere through conversation.


We will start 1round voting for it. BTW, would you let me know your discord handle?

Please refer to the template later and give us the information that we ask for on the template.

AIN DAO approved this proposal.

1round voting: Snapshot
2round voting: Discord

We have sent you 361,273.8 AIN credit, which is the equivalent of $250 per person at the Nov 2nd, 2023 exchange rate, in accordance with your request.

Please update the October activity report here by Nov 10, 2023.

Hi there,

Please share the impact report form the start date to Nov 30th, until Dec 4th here.

[AIN] Marketing Report

delivering the October activity report.

Link : [AIN] Marketing Report - Google Spreadsheet

[AIN] Marketing Report

deliver reports from September to October.

In September, activity fees were not paid due to the proposal not being passed, so about 20% of activities were carried out.

In October, 80% of activities were completed.

Link : [AIN] Marketing Report - Google Spreadsheet