[Proposal] AINFT LAB

Title: AINFT LAB Proposal

Author: MJ You, mjyou#5256

Date posted: 2022/05/30


  • Propose the AINFT Creator Traninig Program which collaborates with ModuLabs
  • Mentors help the people to understand and build an AINFT.
  • Support project fee includes GPU, registration, exhibition fees
  • Final goal of attendees is to create one or more AINFT
  • Build an AINFT Creators Community


Unlike NFTs, AINFT pursues sustainable growth values in which owners create, share and communicate AINFTs with each other through the community. So open a class to gather people who are interested in the future of NFTs at the Modulabs, which is a private research institution.

AINFT Lab seeks to find a new direction for NFT through a new attempt to combine AI and NFT with anyone interested in NFT, including designers, planners and collectors who want to become NFT creators with their own content, as well as developers interested in NFT.

Scope of Work

The main goal of the program is to train AINFT creators and build a AINFT creators community. It will help the people, who are interested in NFT but unfamiliar with AINFT, understand what AINFT is and create AINFT on their own.


1W (May 18th, 2022): Kickoff

2W ~ 10W (May 25th to July 27th, 2022): Studying fundamental of NFT with https://a16zcrypto.com/

5W ~ 10W (June 22nd to July 27th, 2022): Team Building and hands-on AINFT project start

11W (Aug 3rd, 2022): Project enrollment and Exhibition (If possible) + Wrap up


Suggestion for operation and each role. More details can be added or changed.


  1. Gather online/offline every Wednesday 7:30pm.

  2. Online - AIN DAO discord “lecture-live”

  3. Offline - Modulabs Gangnam Campus #403

  4. Leave feedback and questions on AIN DAO discord “ainft-lab”

  5. Group Study: Presentation after study with a group randomly selected by the facilitator based on responses to the interest survey

  6. Hands-on Group Project: will be specified 5th week when team building


  • Mentors
  1. Share a trend and insight of NFTs

  2. Difference between NFT and AINFT

  3. Show AINFT use cases

  4. Answered questions on a timely manner

  • Attendees
  1. Communication: Share their thoughts and insight at the AIN DAO discord (ainft-lab)
  2. Group study: Read the articles https://a16zcrypto.com/ and select one subject with a group. After an in-depth research of the topic, present it by team every week.
  3. Hand-on Project: Build an AINFT to enroll and exhibit publicly. However, details should be discussed again at the point of team building, as it is not clear how many people will join to create AINFT.
  • Facilitator
  1. Managing communities at the Discords.
  2. Provides registration and exhibition fees and GPU resources for the hands-on project.

Financial Info



  • Training AINFT Creators

    • Understanding of NFT and AINFT
    • Build, publish and exhibit an AINFT
  • Build a AINFT Creators Community


  • Mentor
    • Minhyun Kim
    • Laeyoung Chang
  • Facilitator
    • Minjung You
  • Supporters
    • ASaMo
  • Operation
    • Modulabs - Sooyeon Hwang
  • Attendees
    • 43 AI NFT Members who received ainft-lab badge on AIN DAO discord channel


1st voting: 3pm, May 31, 2022 to 3pm, Jun 2nd, 2022 on AIN DAO (discord)
2nd voting: on Snapshot when 3 more people participated in the voting.


This proposal has been approved by @kmh4500#0316, @Lianji#0683, @AdveTime#9901 , and @liayoo#4478 in the 1st voting round on Discord (4 approves, 0 disapproves).

The 2nd voting round is now open on Snapshot. Please stop by and cast your vote!

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