[Proposal] End of the year Event (Pudgy Penguins x NounsSeoul x Doodles)

**1. Sook Hwang (Pudgy Korea Founder)

**2. Austin Lee (Pudgy Penguins, Head of Growth)

**3. N/A (not using Discord for security reasons)

**4. sookspecial@gmail.com

**5. End of the year Event (Pudgy Penguins x NounsSeoul x Doodles)

6**. I am the Founder of Pudgy Korea, the official subcommunity of Pudgy Penguins holders based in Korea. Pudgy Korea. It supports the sharing of knowledge and creativity in the realms of blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3 supporting builders, the next generation of builders, and the next.

**7. Dec 20th (6:30-8:00pm)

8**. We want to bring together Web3 communities that support and appreciate phygital experiences such as Doodles, Pudgy Penguins, and NounDAO. Highlighting our IPs as well as bringing together our friends and network across Web3 is the goal and purpose of the event.

9**. 70~100 (Holders and +1 for the three communities as well as our sponsor community’s holders from StarBoys.

**10. Desserts/ hot drinks will be provided,
a panel talk (Pudgys x Doodles x NounsSeoul),
Christmas gift giveaways,
and time to network.

**11. AI Network and Uncommon will always be featured across all our invitation links, banners, and
across the socials. We are happy to mention you as our sponsors to the guests, Pudgy Penguins community, and it is our second time hosting our event at the venue. We really appreciate allowing us to host these events and having a great experience last time and receiving so much praises about the venue (Uncommon Gallery) the last time, we really wanted to host this event again!
We are happy to share the end of the year with not only Pudgy Penguins holders, but invite the greater Web3 family, this time with NOUN holders and Doodles.

The one-day event at Uncommon Gallery was conducted in the first round of voting, and 5 creators on AIN DAO accepted it. Discord