[Proposal] Exhibition 'Mint it'

Proposal to host an exhibition/event at Uncommon Gallery

1. Your name
Aeon Studio

2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery

3. Your Discord tag

4. Your email address

5. Title of proposed exhibition/event
Mint it

6. Event duration
December 23rd - January 6th

7. Your bio
Aeon Studio is a Web 3 creative studio whose mission is to explore, fortify, and advocate the inherent artistic values of crypto art. By redefining what it means to exhibit art, Aeon Studio is pioneering in novel approaches to collecting culture and curator economy.
Our focus is specifically on the art realm of this movement, and we aim to innovate the relationship between collectors and artists by enriching the collecting culture using the Web 3 gamification model.

8. Expected number of attendees
Target Audience: Korea’s NFT art communities (such as Clubhouse NFT, Rhythmical NFT Club, Korean NFT, FEWK, etc.) and global crypto artists.
Expected Attendance: Estimated around 100 attendees for the opening reception.

9. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.
‘Mint it’ exhibition is a unique collective showcase in which leading NFT communities and artists who pioneered the introduction of NFT art in Korea come together with key figures from the global crypto art scene. Inspired by the exhibition format ‘Do it,’ which has spanned nearly three decades and consists of artist-generated instructions and interpretations of those instructions, this exhibition invites hundreds of artists to provide instructions. Following these instructions, diverse acts are interpreted uniquely, elevating even the most mundane actions into artistic expressions.

10. Exhibition/event details
The accessibility of ‘Do it’ as an art form, where anyone can easily participate, recalls the early days of the NFT art scene, evoking the notion that anyone can be an artist. The exhibition will showcase instructions crafted by various communities and artists, along with the resulting artworks from reinterpretations of these directives. It serves as a gathering point for artists, communities, and builders to engage and exchange ideas.

While the crypto art world in Korea has faced the chill of Crypto Winter, there are still artists and communities who steadfastly believe in and actively contribute to the future of crypto art, slowly ushering in a sense of spring. Through this exhibition, we hope to reignite enthusiasm for creation and provide an opportunity to contemplate the direction and possibilities of future crypto art.

This exhibition aims to facilitate an exchange within the web3 art community by hosting pre-installed physical artwork displays. For the opening event, we intend to invite community artists and builders to establish a platform for interaction. The opening event will feature artist talks, curated tours, participatory events, and more.

11. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery

This exhibition, like a festival, aims to reignite the passion for crypto art, gathering the communities and artists who have been active since 2021 in Korea, alongside crypto artists. Its purpose is to serve as a platform to rekindle enthusiasm for crypto art and to communicate the significance of Uncommon Gallery’s space and its role in the ecosystem’s development to artists and builders. Additionally, the exhibition will collaborate with the Joyn.xyz platform to host a global competition. To participate in the competition, we plan to encourage social media followings, anticipating an increase of over 100 followers. We’re preparing talks by Korean community builders and artists, along with participatory events. We hope that these activities in Uncommon Gallery throughout 2024 will cultivate supporters and lay the foundation for becoming a hub for web3 creative endeavors.

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