[Proposal]Exhibition Proposal for Uncommon Gallery

Proposal to host an exhibition/event at Uncommon Gallery

  1. Your name

Curator : Park je un

Team: Node groove

Please let us know your name, your alias, or the name of the organization you represent.

Shiny tiger

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Please let us know your AIN DAO Discord tag.


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  1. Title of proposed exhibition/event

Node groove.

  1. Event duration

10.10.2023 - 21.10.2023

  1. Your bio

Jeun Park is Independent Curarator. She participated multi-disciplinary art projects and research in relations to new technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and Robotics. She directed many exhibitions including Special Exhibition for Korean Women Artists <Please listen, and just hear me>(2019, Horim Art Center), and Netherlands International Exchange Exhibition <Sorry, Please say that again>(2022, DDP). She is leading VUUP, a research group on media and culture, and co-representing PUBLE, a NFT-based social enterprise since 2021.

  1. Expected number of attendees

12 people

Expectation of Opening visitors : 50 people

Expected Audience Size: 200 people

  1. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.

Node Groove: Visual Vibes & Audio Bytes

This exhibition brings together 12 artists who utilize a tool called “Touch Designer,” which enables video production, environmental orchestration of artworks, and UI functionalities. Each artist presents a variety of works as an individual node, showcasing the diversity and expansiveness of art.

  1. Exhibition/event details

Opening 14.10.2023 : opening reception evnet / Artist greeting / Opening Speech

Opening Performance team 3 team (Audio visual performance/Sounds performance/ Live coding )

Networking : Free drink, Catering

  1. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery

Please describe the value that your exhibition/event will add to the AI Network ecosystem. (e.g.: A partnership with AI Network, support for the AIN DAO ecosystem, adding value to AIN Token, token holder benefits, etc.)

This project is expected to bring various positive effects through collaboration between AI Network and Uncommon Gallery. This partnership is poised to contribute in various ways to the AI Network ecosystem:

  • Activity as AIN DAO Creators: This project will offer excellent opportunities for artists to engage as creators within the AIN DAO. Artists can tokenize their works as NFTs and share them within the AI Network ecosystem, participating in creative projects.

  • Revenue Sharing Through Artwork NFTs: Through this collaboration, artists from Uncommon Gallery can create unique NFTs of their artwork using AI Network’s technology. This opens up the possibility of revenue sharing between artwork owners and artists.

  • Contribution to the AI Network Ecosystem: This collaboration will introduce new creative content and artistic value to the AI Network ecosystem. AI Network can utilize this diverse range of artworks to advance its own technology and algorithms, applying them to a wider array of use cases.

  • Strengthening Partnerships and Enhancing AIN Token Value: This collaboration is expected to strengthen the partnership between AI Network and Uncommon Gallery. This, in turn, is anticipated to contribute to the appreciation of the AIN Token’s value, benefiting ecosystem stakeholders.

Through this collaboration, the AI Network ecosystem is set to evolve with more diverse and creative content, offering artists and users new opportunities and experiences.

After submitting the proposal, a vote will be started by Ain DAO. We will contact you via email within 7 business days to confirm.

For the promotion of the event in Uncoomom Gallery, The Al net work and Uncommon Gallery logos must be displayed on all materials,including posters,images,and installations within Uncommon Gallery.

the exhibition and project organizers are responsible for all as aspects of event management, including promotion,facility management,space setup, and restoring the space to its original condition after the event.

Event prepartion/setup, cleaning, and all removal must be completed within the gallery’s operating hours.

the Gallery’s operating hours

*Tuesday to Friday :12 pm - 8pm

*Saturday: 10am - 6pm

*Sunday,Monday : closed

Pleasse note that outside of gallery opening hours, other Al network event can take place. (with prior notice)

we will provide you a more detail Uncoommon Gallery running guide via email after the event is confirmed.

additional inquiries, pelase contact : uncommongallery@comcom.ai

This proposal is approved! We look forward to your exhibition!

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