[Proposal] fft convolution development

Title: fft convolution development
Date posted: 2022/12/09


Existing FFT-based convolution implementations consume too much memory. I am trying to improve memory and speed by using c++ and cuda.


G2NET large kernel inference | Kaggle

Regarding this notebook, I wanted to improve the efficiency of FFT conv for large-scale convolution. However, since I don’t have the equipment for large-scale testing, I would like to borrow resource.

Scope of Work

Convolution in a large kernel is faster than convolution based on BLAS, and improvement in terms of memory and time compared to FFT convolution using Naive FFT


2022/12/13~2022/12/20: repository code testing


Nvidia gpu with cuda compilable environment
10+ GB system memory



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This proposal has been approved, and we contacted you directly about the following process.

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  2. Regarding the issue with the Snapshot malfunction, the second voting did not proceed this time.