Proposal for AIN Influencer Marketing Campaign


AI Network (AIN) is a layer 1 blockchain platform that aims to bring AI to Web3. The platform has plans to launch Runo NFT sales and list on CEX. To ensure maximum exposure for these events, an influencer marketing campaign is needed. This proposal aims to allocate a budget for the campaign.

Scope of Work:

The scope of this proposal is to launch an influencer marketing campaign for AI Network. The campaign will aim to promote AIN, generate awareness about its upcoming Runo NFT sales, and create hype for its listing on CEX.


• To increase awareness of AIN and its upcoming events (e.g. offline events at Uncommon Gallery or NFT NYC meet up as well as online activities like Twitter space, AMA, $AIN listing, Runo sales etc.)

• To drive traffic to AI Network official website and social media channels (Twitter and Telegram)

• To create hype and generate interest to make it viral through influencers communities and word of mouth


• Collaborate with relevant KOLs and influencers to promote AIN

• Create engaging content that highlights AIN’s unique features and upcoming events

• Utilize various social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube, to reach a wider & new audience


• Identify and reach out to relevant KOLs and influencers

• Create a detailed content plan for the campaign

• Produce high-quality content, including tweets and videos

• Launch and monitor the campaign

• Evaluate the success of the campaign


• Week 1-2: Identify and reach out to KOLs and influencers

• Week 3-4: Create content and launch the campaign

• Week 5-6: Monitor and evaluate the success of the campaign


The proposed budget for each KOL is $1,000 worth of AIN tokens on average (It can be different according to how negotiation goes with each individual’s promotional activities.) About $10 user acquisition cost is expected in Korean market for example, $1,000 for 100 new user acquisition event) The tokens will be distributed to the KOLs and influencers who will be promoting AIN. At least 3+ tweets / branded content / mentioning AI Network on their own content are expected from each KOL, which will be long-term partners of $AIN ecosystem to shill. The campaign will run for a period of over 3 months, depending on the response from the influencers.


• Description: To activate $AIN holders and make KOLs join AI Network ecosystem

• Amount: about $1,000 worth of AIN tokens for each individual KOL x 20 (As developing more relations and expanding network with influencers, we request for more budget to be assigned.)

• Date: To be determined

• Impact: The influencer marketing campaign is one of the priorities to achieving the goal of AI Network marketing in 2023 while AI hype is skyrocketing. Influencers’ shilling and their participation as AI network supporters on the marketing activities or $AIN’s upcoming milestones will help to increase awareness of AIN and to develop more opportunities of business partnerships. The campaign will create a buzz around AIN, leading to increased demand for AIN tokens and potentially driving up its value.


• Increase in social media engagement and followers
• Increase in website traffic
• Increase in demand for AIN tokens

Projects’s success metrics and KPIs:

  • Increased Twitter mention & followers on @ainetwork_ai @ainetwork_kr (3k+ by Q2)
  • Increased subscribers and followers on AI network official Telegram groups (2k+ by Q2)
  • Increased opportunities business partners for AI NFT


The team responsible for the campaign will consist of marketing professionals with experience in influencer marketing and social media. The team will be dedicated to ensuring the success of the campaign and achieving the set targets.


Thank you for submitting your request here. I have just started the first round of voting by DAO members. The voting will be finished on March 19th, and then I will get back to you.

Approved on 1st round. We will move to 2nd round vote.

This proposal is fully approved.

Impact Report: Influencer Marketing Campaign for AIN

Objective Achievement: The influencer marketing campaign for AIN, as outlined in the proposal, has yielded significant positive impacts on the brand’s visibility, engagement, and community growth.(attached in the data sheet)

1. Increased Awareness and Engagement:

  • Twitter Impressions: The influencer marketing campaign, with its focus on collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers, has led to substantial increases in Twitter impressions, as evident in the provided data. This indicates that the campaign effectively reached a wider audience and created awareness around AIN and its upcoming events. (All content with more than 1K views are supported by KOLs or provided $AIN credits to event partners)
  • Telegram Growth: While not explicitly mentioned in the proposal, the increase in Telegram group members suggests that the campaign has successfully driven traffic to AI Network’s official Telegram groups. (0 to 2,976 in Korean channel as of Sep 14)

2. Positive Influence on Follower Count:

  • The proposal highlighted a fluctuating follower count, which can be common on social media platforms. However, the influencer marketing campaign’s impact on follower numbers is evident in the provided data. The campaign has helped stabilize and increase the follower count, particularly on Twitter. (For example of Twitter spaces or MEXC listing event etc. got a positive impact)

3. Potential for Continued Growth:

  • The success of this campaign in increasing awareness, engagement, and community size lays a strong foundation for future marketing initiatives. The long-term partnerships with KOLs and influencers suggest that there is potential for continued growth and engagement.

Conclusion: The influencer marketing campaign for AIN, as outlined in the proposal, has proven to be effective in achieving its objectives. It has significantly increased awareness, stabilized and grown follower counts, and enhanced community engagement. The positive feedback and interest generated through influencer collaborations indicate that AIN’s marketing efforts are on the right track. This campaign’s success sets a promising precedent for future marketing activities, with the potential to further boost AIN’s presence and reach in the AI and cryptocurrency space.