[Proposal] [Gate Charity] Gatsby's Christmas Charity party with Charles Jang

  1. Your name
    Summer Kang

  2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery
    Simon Kim

  3. Your Discord tag

  4. Your email address

  5. Title of proposed exhibition/event
    [Gate Charity] Gatsby’s Christmas Charity party with Charles Jang

  6. Event duration
    Please check the Uncommon Gallery Calendar above for availability, and let us know of your desired dates.

  7. Your bio
    Gate_io, established in 2013, is one of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges, emphasizing early-stage value investing, project incubation, and comprehensive operational support through its venture capital arm.

Gate Charity Initiatives:
Gate Charity, the social responsibility and charity arm of Gate_io, actively contributes to addressing diverse social issues. Its key activities involve:

Regularly organizing charity campaigns to support various causes.
Utilizing blockchain technology to enhance transparency in charity activities.
Collaborating with the cryptocurrency community to host impactful charity events.
Engaging in a range of social responsibility projects aimed at making a positive impact.
Through these efforts, Gate Charity collaborates with Gate_io users, collectively working towards positive societal change.

  1. Expected number of attendees

  2. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.
    Our proposed exhibition aims to explore creativity and innovation through the fusion of contemporary art and digital technology. This event not only showcases artworks by various artists using new media and technology but also emphasizes interaction with the audience to enhance participation. Furthermore, the exhibition seeks to provide an experience of the diversity and creativity in digital art, opening new horizons in contemporary art. The proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to local charitable organizations, contributing to positive changes in the community. Additionally, the event is significant for Charles Jang’s fans on traditional web platforms, as it offers a meaningful opportunity for them to engage with the fusion of art and technology. The fundraising from the charity event will further contribute to social giving and philanthropy.

  3. Exhibition/event details
    This is a Christmas charity event hosted by the friendly Gate IP Gatsby. We will create a collaborative artwork with a renowned Korean artist and sell that image as an NFT admission ticket, with all proceeds going to charity.
    It will be a meaningful year-end event, and we aim to promote philanthropy through various media channels.
    “The event is scheduled for December 21st from 19:00 to 23:00 KST (GMT+9).”

How it works is as follows:

  1. Collaborate with famous artists to create 100 NFTs using Gate IP.
  2. This NFT sells for about $10 on the gate NFT market place and will serve as a dedicated pass for the gallery’s charity party.
  3. Proceeds from NFT sales will be donated to charity.

Artist Profile:
Charles Jang, renowned for his robot Taekwon V works and happy art, engages with audiences globally through various mediums such as flat work, collaborations, street art, and exhibition planning. He has emerged as a representative figure among young artists, collaborating with entities like Samsung’s Galaxy Note commercials, popular singer Jo Kwon, idol group VIXX, and Korean ceramics and fashion brand Pershe. Instagram Link

Exhibition Highlights:
This exhibition will feature NFTs showcasing Charles Jang’s distinctive Happy Heart sensibility. These NFTs will be sold as tickets for a charitable cause, with all proceeds directed towards philanthropic organizations.

Artist Quote:
“I believe art is the magic that adds color to life and the joy of sharing. This exhibition aims to share the meaning of love and gifts through art, creating the joy of togetherness.”

Sub-Events Schedule and Abstract:

Artist Talk: A special session where Charles Jang discusses his works and art. Participants have the opportunity to engage by asking questions.
Reception: Commemorating the opening of the exhibition, a casual gathering provides participants with a chance to interact with the artist.
Meetup: A networking session for participants to discuss art-related topics and engage in conversations.
Note: Event schedules and details are subject to change.

  1. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery
    Please describe in detail the positive contributions your event will bring to the AI Network Ecosystem, quantifiable or otherwise.
  1. Creative Art Promotion:
    The collaborative exhibition with Charles Jang introduces creative and unique art to elevate the gallery’s artistic reputation.

  2. Attracting High Visitors:
    Through the unique NFT ticket sales, the gallery is poised to gain attention from devoted artist fans and the digital art community, attracting new visitors.

  3. Charitable Activities and Social Contribution:
    With all proceeds from the exhibition donated to charitable organizations, the gallery engages in social responsibility, positively impacting the local community.

  4. Media and Social Media Exposure:
    The event is actively promoted across various media channels, spreading the gallery’s name and generating positive exposure for the art event.

  5. Enhancement of Gallery Reputation as a Cultural Event:
    This event enhances the gallery’s reputation as a cultural phenomenon, solidifying its position as a focal point for regional art.

  6. Networking and Expansion of the Art Community:
    Through artist talks and meetups, the gallery provides networking opportunities within the art community, contributing to ongoing relationship-building efforts.

Thanks for submitting the proposal but we can not find the exhibition schedule on the proposal. Please let us know the exhibition date and time.

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I added it to the text as well.
The event is scheduled for December 21st from 19:00 to 23:00 KST (GMT+9).
Thank you.

Thank you for updating the information.

The 1st round of voting just started. Discord

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I don’t think I have the authority to look here.

Because you don’t have an AIN DAO membership NFT, please ask someone (maybe a member of AEON Studio)n who manages AIN DAO Creator’s community.

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This proposal was approved on 2nd round as well. Snapshot

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