[PROPOSAL] Gridless


1.your name
Seung jae Ju.
Professor – University of Seoul(서울시립대학교)
2. recommended person
YZO(Jo Yoon zi), Sho Jang (Jang Seung Hyo))
3. Your Discord tag
4. Your email address
5. Title of proposed exhibition/event
6. Your bio
Hello, I’m Seung jae Ju, and I’m a professor in University of Seoul. I co-planned and operated ‘MUSEUM DAH:’ , the best media art museum in Korea, and I worked as a merchandising director there. And I’m the director of Samjeong Gallery, a commercial gallery built by Samjeong Construction.
7. Event duration
1 week - January 2024
8. Exhibition/event details
This exhibition presents the results of their exploration and research on reality viewed by young sculptors who will lead the new era. Their work, which has been studied toward three dimensions rather than planes, is the results made through human hands, and furthermore, meaningful works in which their thoughts are ultimately produced by the artists’ hands, using Generative AIs. Since all of the works are the results of the artists’ own making, their intentions are intact. Perhaps it is the harmony of tradition and progress, they will accept the harmony and take a new step forward, and we will communicate and feel it visually and tactilely as we face the work…

Artist profiles

  • Kim Hanjoon b. 1998
    Graduated from University of Seoul Department of Environmental Sculpture
    1 solo exhibition and 4 group exhibitions

  • Ahn Seongmu b. 1998
    Graduated from University of Seoul Department of Environmental Sculpture
    1 solo exhibition and 4 group exhibitions

  • Kim Minha b. 1998
    Graduated from University of Seoul Department of Environmental Sculpture
    1 solo exhibition and 4 group exhibitions

  • Ahn Ji-kyum b.1996
    Graduated from University of Seoul Department of Environmental Sculpture
    1 solo l exhibition and 4 group exhibitions

  • Park Nayun b. 1998
    University of Seoul Environmental Sculpture and Graduation
    2 group exhibitions

  • Noh Kyungmin b.1996
    Graduated from University of Seoul Department of Environmental Sculpture
    4 group exhibitions

• Exhibition highlights

  • This exhibition is to communicate with the audience the results of in-depth artist exploration and research on reality through harmony and coexistence between Generative AI and original sculpture.

Artist notes

  • Kim Han-joon _ Through the theme of “Burden of Human Relationships”, we want to reveal the perceptual reactions that appear according to the interaction and expression of emotions in human relationships through the work. Through this, we want to be able to empathize and understand the experiences that make it difficult to interact with and to be honest with emotions.

  • Ahn Sung-moo _ My work was close to fleeing. I repeated the same behavior and installed obstacles to the action, moving away from anxiety. Now, in order to find the cause of anxiety that does not disappear, I come back to society and admire the life of that time, and make pieces of items and skills in the game that exist virtually.

  • Kim Min-ha _ is so intricately intertwined that it is hard to stand on either side of the aisle with ethical standards, and has no beliefs to argue strongly. I just wanted to show their world, living desperately in areas twice as small as where we live, and if I looked into the microscopic world, I wanted to show that humans and worms that hate our appearance all share the same thing.

  • Ahn Ji-gyeom _ I have to find a sculpture with the purpose of realizing my personality. Life through work is that I hope to live like that. Just constantly sculpting and expressing. It doesn’t have vague expectations for accidental figures. Because I am sure that chasing after shapes has a clear reason within it. The work that has been produced like this is lined up. At the end, I hope that my sculptures will be able to be alone. That is my consideration and purpose for the fragile sculptures that came out first.

  • Park Na-yoon _ The organic characteristics of a tree resemble how humans create their own world through events experienced throughout their lives. Of course, there are many cases where events that affect our lives occur regardless of changes in seasons or external environments, but I would like to project its meaning in that everything that happens within ourselves is connected and formed like a tree with branches extending from a single pillar.

  • Noh Kyung-min _ solves something inherent in life (may be truth or more precious values) through visual art and art practice. It will be mixed with people in search of numerous things captured in life. It predicts what the bottom of the world will look like from the lowest point of view and the future shape. Deeply dig into those who see it with sincerity and wait for the echo to return.

  1. Expected number of attendees
    General audience, art officials, students, professors, etc
    Opening personnel – 30 to 50 expected
  2. Exhibition/event details
    We will have a simple opening party on the first day of the exhibition. We will introduce the artist to the audience who came to the opening, and then talk and watch with the artist freely.
  3. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery
    This exhibition marks the beginning of artists who are taking their first steps as full-time artists in the art world. The artists are all from the Department of Sculpture, who have studied the three-dimensional works of sculpture with a young sense, and have studied the physical properties, space, and the story it gives for a long time. They are representative MZ generations of today, but perhaps the way they do their work has become the basis of traditional research. Furthermore, they are artists with flexible thinking about AI as a means to accept it as a means of use, not an object of fear, but as a means to actively use it to create their work or to promote it, and to communicate and share it with the public.
    University of Seoul is planning this exhibition to promote the works of these artists in a way that suits the present age. Through this exhibition, I think we will be able to promote ‘AI NETWORK’ and ‘UNCOMON Gallery’ in all directions at the school level, spread the spirit of AI, NFTs, and even WEB3 through direct experiences, and provide directions for a new generation of artists.

o Education, artist talk
• a visitor’s souvenir
o SNS promotion
o Press releases, planning articles
• revenue share
o NFTization, sales revenue sharing (artist 6, common gallery 4)

Thanks for your proposal. But 1st week of January 2024 has already been taken. Please see the Uncommon Gallery Calendar and update the schedule here if you want to host the exhibition.

I would like to hold an exhibition from January 10th to January 17th. And is it possible to install the work for the exhibition on January 9th?

Got it. We will start the 1round of voting with the schedule of January 10 to 17th. Discord

Since five more creators approved, We moved to 2nd round of voting. Snapshot

Since four more creators were approved on 2nd round, this proposal was accepted. We will contact you directly for the next steps.