[Proposal] LOSS_exp. Mobile App & NFT Project Presentation

Proposal to host an exhibition/event at Uncommon Gallery

1. Your name

Donguen Kim /WhtDrgon / MetaverseJEJAKSA Corp.

(Name / Nickname / Company)

2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery

ShinyTiger / Jin-ah kim
I frequently participate in events, including Uncommon Gallery’s first opening, which was recommended by artist Jin-ah Kim.

3. Your Discord tag


4. Your email address


5. Title of proposed exhibition/event

[MetaverseJEJAKSA X Tacit Group] LOSS_exp. Mobile App & NFT Project Presentation

6. Event duration

Exhibition Duration: 1 Day

  • Project App Operation Period: December 2023 - June 2024
  • Development Period: 6 months (June 2023 - December 2023)

7. Your bio

  • MetaverseJEJAKSA Corp. is the entity behind the successful Universe NFT Project “FEWK” and the character generative NFT “DDOGG” inspired by Korean rice cakes.
  • We are a company creating metaverse based on IP content, working with (Ltd.) LG Electronics, LG Household & Health Care in the Brand IP area, (Ltd.) P NATION, (Ltd.) Pulse Nine in the Entertainment IP area, and (Ltd.) Gravity in the Game IP area.
  • We develop game content for commercial clients based on Brand IP and have been developing a side project combining Art IP, content, and NFT with the support of the Art Management Support Center, leading to the imminent release of our mobile app and NFT.

8. Expected number of attendees

  • 25~50 people.

9. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.

  • Presentation and introduction of the LOSS project. Seminar on MetaverseJEJAKSA’s practical processes in librarying and worldbuilding for Brand/Entertainment/Game/Art IP. Setup for snacks and networking."
    Please share your intentions and goals for your proposed exhibition(or event) in at least three sentences.

10. Exhibition/event details

  • Artist Profile
    • Tacit Group, a leading media art team, explores new artistic experiences by combining creative digital art with innovative sound design. Donguen Kim and MetaverseJEJAKSA Corp., an NFT artist and company aiming to implement metaverse through worldview IP, are trying an app exhibition of NFT and digital online content.
  • Exhibition Highlights
    • This exhibition presents a new dimension of artistic experience by combining the technology of MetaverseJEJAKSA and the creative art of Tacit Group, blending digital art with NFT. Through the LOSS_exp. app and NFT collection, audiences will experience new ways of consuming and owning art in the metaverse, inspiring established artists to explore digital art as sound media art.
  • Artist’s Statement
    • In an era increasingly characterized by convergence with network-based AI, concepts like art, digital, traditional, blockchain, and metaverse aren’t far-fetched. Everything should be interconnected. The project aims to encompass brands, entertainment, games, arts, and healthcare under IP and create content based on IP.
  • Internal Event Schedule & Brief Introduction
    • Presentation and introduction of the LOSS project. Seminar on the practical process of librarying and worldbuilding of Brand/Entertainment/Game/Art IP by MetaverseJEJAKSA. Setting for snacks and networking. Duration of presentation: 3 hours in the afternoon.

11. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery

Please describe in detail the positive contributions your event will bring to the AI Network Ecosystem, quantifiable or otherwise.

  • Benefits for AIN DAO members & visitors

    • 23 LOSS_exp. NFTs given away.
    • Gifts for visitors
  • Actively seeking cooperation with AIN DAO

  • Notation of AIN DAO in sponsorship of project-related documents.

Please provide me with the exact date and time of the event.

We hope for December 19, 2023 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. (4h).

Thanks for your information.

AIN DAO accepted this proposal. Discord

We will contact you directly for the next steps.