[Proposal] 경기콘랩 NFT 작가전

1. Your name
Gaeun Choi, gaeun, GCA (Gyeonggi Content Agency)

2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery
Bansuk Kim

3. Your Discord tag

4. Your email address

5. Title of proposed exhibition/event
<2023 경기콘랩 NFT 작가전 : 왜? 지금? ART인가?>

6. Event duration
12.12.(화) ~ 12.16.(토) for the exhibition, and 12.11.(월) for preparation.

7. Your bio
경기콘텐츠코리아랩 is one of the government project for content creators on a regional basis.
Our goal is to support them in their attempt to turn their creative ideas into a business and contribute to expand their pool in Gyeonggi province as well.

8. Expected number of attendees
Around 200 people (for the exhibition),
and around 30 people (for the event)

9. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.

  • Exhibition : 12.12.(Tue) - 12.16.(Sat)
  • Event (Artist Talk) : 12.16.(Sat)

10. Exhibition/event details
With the webpage below, you could read on for details of the exhibition and the artists’ profile.

11. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery

  • Benefits for AIN DAO members & visitors : Artist talks Program
  • Marketing: PR articles, Social Media posts

Thank you for submitting the proposal. We just started the DAO Voting.

This proposal was approved on 1st and 2nd rounds.

  1. Discord
  2. Snapshot