Author: Hoe-sung Jung, 히히#1297
Date posted: 2023/02/10


  • Proposed GPU sponsorship to Prometheus startup Hackathon working with Common Computer
  • The theme is ‘development of artificial intelligence utilization services considering marketability’ and GPU provision is needed.
  • Mentors and college students gather to create valuable services.


Prometheus is a value-creating group where college students gather with passion for valuable challenges and experiences using artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we pursue to be a community where students who are passionate about artificial intelligence can network, share and communicate with each other as a colleague and as a mentor.

We host ‘Prometheus StartUp Hackathon’ with the purpose of constructing a networking space for college students who want to make valuable service/product using AI. The theme of the Hackathon is ‘AI Service Development considering marketability.’

Participants can grow by experiencing directly making service and meeting colleagues, experts and mentors. We ensure that this Hackathon will be one of the best networking spaces for AI/Founding in college society.

We’re about to give participants mentoring every Saturday during the event, and this Hackathon is supported by 4 companies(Common Computer, AI Factory, Neuralworks Lab, Kingsley Ventures).

Scope of Work

  • Development of Artificial Intelligence Utilization Services Considering Marketability
  • Submission of interim status report by team for one month
  • Team-by-Team Service Advisory Mentoring
  • On February 25th, Demo Day, eventually each team will announce their own service


2023.2.4~2023.2.25 Need GPUs during contest

[Week 1]

(2/4) Mentoring 1

[Week 2]

(2/5~2/9) Coding & Development 1

(2/10) Mid-term Report Submission 1

(2/11) Mentoring 2

(2/12~2/15) Coding & Development 2

(2/16~2/17) Mid-term Report Submission 2 & Presentation, Team Feedback

[Week 3]

(2/18) Mentoring 3

(2/19~2/24) Coding & Development 3

(2/25) Demonstration Day


Required Hardware Specifications :

  • T4
  • V100

Operation :

  1. Service advisory mentoring is conducted every Saturday during the finals (offline)
  2. Interim presentation with teams presenting status and mutual feedback among participants
  3. Completion and submission of interim report
  4. Announcement and review of service prototypes on Demo Day


  • We hope the Hackathon to be a networking space for college students who have meaning for AI and Founding

  • We hope participants to develop new service by making something valuable with AI


President :

  • Seung-hoon Chung

Staffs :

  • Seung-eun Chung
  • Hoe-sung Jung
  • Su-min Sim
  • Ji-o Jang
  • Hyun-woo Jo

Contestants of GPU need

  • Hyun-bin Kim, Hye-min Yang, Boo-yong Kim
  • Jin-ah Kim, Jee-woo Kim, Do-hun Kim, Eun-kyeong Lee, Ji-eun Song



  • We want to have a positive impact on the AI network. So we will share the excellent results from our hackathon to this forum.

Contestants of GPU need

  • Leader : Hyun-bin Kim / Members : Hye-min Yang, Boo-yong Kim / Email : myunbongs@gmail.com / GPU specification : V100 / Rental period : 2/11 ~ 2/25
  • Leader : Jin-ah Kim / Members : Jee-woo Kim, Do-hun Kim, Eun-kyeong Lee, Ji-eun Song / Email : wlsdk3165@naver.com / GPU specification : T4 / Rental period : 2/11 ~ 2/25

Thanks for the detailed information. Now it’s on 1st round of voting will give you an update when we move to 2nd round.

Contestants of GPU need

  • Leader : Yeo-bin Hong / Members : Ji-in Lee, Jeong-min Lee, Yeon-jun kim / Email : yeobin34@korea.ac.kr / GPU specification : A100 / Rental period : 2/11 ~ 2/25

This proposal is fully approved.