[Proposal] Promoting AIN through the spread of Voluntary content (with Web3 Product Bootcamp)

Author: 김우철(Discord ID: tm_uchal)/박형준/장권호

Date posted: 2023/11/24

We are running the exclusive WEB3 community on Disquait, catering to 700,000 IT professionals.
Community link : AC8 WEB3 CLUB | Disquiet*
Education link : https://ac8.xyz/


  • AC∞ (Active Citizen Infinity) is an educational institution aimed at nurturing Web 3.0 Product Makers. We want to implement an experience of giving back achievements to students with the help of AI networks. Through this, voluntary content created by students generates promotional material for AIN (AI Network), allowing us to directly conduct viral marketing to web2 users instead of web3 users. We seek very minimal sponsorship, and this is all returned to the students. In the future, we plan to significantly increase our student base and expand through numerous academic partnerships. If this test phase goes well, we hope to establish a positive and enduring collaboration


  • The Web 3.0 Boot Camp secures a minimum of 10 participants every month, and at least 10 products are released.
  • Every month, a minimum of 10 students write a minimum of 40 high-quality online posts over the course of 4 weeks to qualify for a refund. These posts include AIN’s official links and tags and are uploaded and promoted through platforms like Naver Blog, Daum Brunch, and various social media channels.
  • People who attend all classes and successfully complete the online post missions will receive 100,000 KRW worth of AIN, which is a part of the initial 300,000 KRW tuition fee.


Our classes are a 4-week program called the Web 3.0 Product Maker Bootcamp. Every month,10 students participate, and 10 products are created. While these products cannot guarantee success, a significant number of products are born from the efforts of our students. These products will be connected and used with the CPU and GPU provided by AI Network

AIN is compensation for the use of CPU and GPU sharing. AIN incurs significant marketing expenses to instill the illusion that it is already running well, but doubts about its proper operation still exist among the public. Through the connection to the products created by students in the boot camp, the public will come to understand its utility and market value.

In addition, students are required to create four pieces of content over a period of 4 weeks, each consisting of at least 500 words and including at least three photos, for graduation and refund. This results in the creation of over 40 pieces of content, which are shared through SNS and portals. These contents include brief descriptions and tags for the sponsor, AIN, and AI Network, which are sufficient to pique the curiosity and provide information about AIN and AI Network to the public.

We will strongly appeal to the public through fact-based marketing using two key elements: proof of AIN’s operational model and the widespread production of voluntary content. This will facilitate the smooth purchase of tokens and build trust in the token. Such a powerful effect can be achieved with minimal sponsorship, which is why AIN DAO should join us. Don’t miss this opportunity.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):

  • Participant Engagement: Targeting over 10 participants.
  • Content Production: Creating 40 or more pieces of content with AIN introduction/tags.
  • Blog/Social Media Post Views: Aiming for a total of 100,000 views.
  • Web3 Products: Aiming for 10 or more.


The projected timeline for these activities will run for 1 months, starting from [start date].

Request Amount:

For these 1 months, we are requesting a comprehensive budget of $767(100만원) allocated as follows:

  • AIN Tokens for mission rewards: 68,917 AIN tokens.

Please note that the requested budget and AIN token amount are based on the submission date.

About AC∞ (Active Citizen Infinity, ‘∞’)

Active Citizen Infinity (hereinafter referred to as AC∞) is an educational institution that aims to empower individuals to contribute to social change and development while actively performing their responsibilities and roles within their communities. AC∞ operates as a Web 3.0 Product Maker education institution.

AC∞ is built on the foundation of Web 3.0 technologies, including blockchain, and seeks to educate students with a high level of understanding in areas such as distributed data, user ownership, personal data protection, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and smart contracts. The ultimate vision is to prepare individuals to construct and navigate a more efficient and secure next-generation digital world.

Scope of Works

Our team’s first milestone is to successfully conclude the AC∞ Web 3.0 Boot Camp Batch 1, 2. During this process, we will acquire excellent Web 3.0 contributors(students). These trainees will plan their own Web 3.0 products and contribute to expanding the Web 3.0 market as active players.

The next step is to plan a Web 3.0 conference that brings together Web 3.0 developers and product makers. In this process, AIN can participate as the main sponsor. During this time, we can actively promote the RUNO products serviced by AIN. Detailed estimates for the infrastructure resources required to achieve this will be proposed later.

Squad Background

As previously explained, the AC∞ team consists of Product Manager experts with experience in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Our team members have a keen interest in various domains including education, finance, healthcare, NFTs, and more.