[Proposal] Seance Exhibition

Proposal to host an exhibition/event at Uncommon Gallery

1. Your name
Aeon Studio

2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery

3. Your Discord tag

4. Your email address

5. Title of proposed exhibition/event
Seance Exhibition

6. Event duration
Date: January 23rd - February 3rd, 2024
Opening Reception: January 26th, 2024

7. Your bio
Aeon Studio is a Web 3 creative studio whose mission is to explore, fortify, and advocate the inherent artistic values of crypto art. By redefining what it means to exhibit art, Aeon Studio is pioneering in novel approaches to collecting culture and curator economy.
Our focus is specifically on the art realm of this movement, and we aim to innovate the relationship between collectors and artists by enriching the collecting culture using the Web 3 gamification model.

8. Expected number of attendees
Expected attendance: approximately 100 attendees for the opening reception.
On-offline conference: anticipating over 50 participants.

9. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.
‘Seance’ Exhibition is an experiential exhibition utilizing AI technology. If ghosts are beings that arise from remnants of human memories, AI entities are beings that are crafted from human-generated data. Comparisons between the two are simply inevitable. Simulated memories encoded in data materialize as metaphorical ghosts that engage with us. The ‘Seance’ Exhibition offers an opportunity to converse with AI ghosts, each harboring its own history, memories, secrets, and emotions. Approaching individual paintings of these “ghosts” triggers an interaction via a special app, allowing visitors to delve into conversations with them. The accompanying digital artworks will serve as hints to decipher what their lives were like.

10. Exhibition/event details
The “Seance” exhibition concretizes various narratives born from AI technology, offering a showcase that engages and captivates audiences through oil paintings, digital art, and a chat application. Visitors to the exhibition can engage with the protagonists of these paintings – ghosts – through a specific app when approaching the paintings closely. Each ghost possesses distinct lives, reasons for existence, personalities, and deaths. Engaging in dialogue allows guests to deduce the ghosts’ lives and freely converse with them. This interactive use of AI technology contributes to stimulating new creativity and imagination beyond traditional art experiences. Audiences craft their own experiences, cultivate new ideas, and expand their imaginations through conversations with AI.

Event: Opening Reception, On-offline Artist talk

Artist : Vandalo Ruins
Founder of Sewer DAO which produced more than 20 web3 events in Italy including NFTSAREDEAD, NFT Rome & Bit Biennale. Conceptual artist as a complementary side to being a web3 ecosystem builder.

11. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery
Through an exhibition that facilitates an organic integration of AI technology and art for interactive experiences, we aim to explore the artistic potential of AI. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a talk (Soul Labs) led by Vandalo Ruins to delve deeper into AI art. Furthermore, we plan to position this event as an opportunity to introduce AI Network and Uncommon Gallery to various global crypto artists and communities associated with Sewer DAO and NFT ROME, establishing them as focal points of Korea’s crypto art scene. Additionally, we plan to conduct revenue sharing from the sales of NFT artworks exhibited during the event.

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Since this proposal was approved on 2nd round as well, it’s accepted. We will contact you directly for the next steps.