[Proposal] SHONI GAUDI

  1. Your name : Yunjee Cho

  2. The person who referred you to Uncommon Gallery : Minhyun Kim

  3. Your Discord tag : #1616

  4. Your email address : yunjee015@gmail.com

  5. Title of proposed exhibition/event : SHONI GAUDI X SEJONG SOLOISTS

  6. Event duration :

  7. 07 - 11. 08 INSTALLATION

  8. 09 - 11. 25 EXHIBITION

  9. Your bio
    col:HAUS is an artist agency that continues various activities to incorporate art into our lives. In the realm of art, they strive to break down the boundaries between Web2 and Web3, supporting artists engaged in traditional art markets and helping transform their works into media art and valuable NFT projects. They enable their affiliated artists to showcase their creative worlds not only in traditional gallery exhibitions but also in diverse projects like motor show displays, collaborations with baseball stadium scoreboards, special exhibits in media museums, and even exhibitions at the Blue House (Korean presidential residence).

  10. Expected number of attendees
    Event day with Sejong Soloists : 11. 15 / Expected number of attendees : 50

  11. Introduction to your proposed exhibition/event.
    This is an exhibition showcasing the physical art and media art of the virtual artist Shoni Gaudi. Shoni Gaudi is a concept built around the idea of the soul reborn through artificial intelligence technology under the direction of artist Jang Seung-hyo. It envisions the great architect Antoni Gaudi of Barcelona being reborn in Korea.

  12. Exhibition/event details
    Please share your exhibition/event with us in detail. This includes details such as the exhibition content and sub-events.

Shoni Gaudi made its debut at the Busan International Architecture Festival in Busan this Summer. The exhibition was based on physical art and featured works inspired by Gaudi’s legacy, focusing on “beautiful architecture” through media art. It also showcased various art created using artificial intelligence technology. He is continuing his exhibition at Busan City Hall in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Busan and Barcelona. This exhibition will continue at Uncommon gallery once the Busan debut concludes.

Event day with Sejong Soloists : 2023. 11. 15

ㄴ The virtual artist will introduce Sejong Soloists.

  1. Your event’s proposed contribution to AI Network and Uncommon Gallery
    Please describe in detail the positive contributions your event will bring to the AI Network Ecosystem, quantifiable or otherwise.
    Examples of contributions :
  • Benefits for AIN DAO members & visitors : Event day artist talk & catering
  • Marketing:PR articles

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