[Proposal] SoulFiction - Collaborative AI chat-bot

Title: Request for Collaborative AI chat-bot ‘Mars’ in Soul Fiction project
Author: DiDi / Discord id: didi_0__0
Date posted: 2023/12/07


AIN DAO Ecosystem Project Request for Mars, the Collaborative AI Chat Bot, and SoulFiction Community Token Usage

  • Request for Resources to Support the Learning and Operation of Mars, a Collaborative AI Chat Bot in the SoulFiction Project:
    This initiative involves the collaborative development of Mars, an AI chat bot, within the SoulFiction project. Resources are requested to facilitate its learning and operation.
  • Purchase of RUNO using SoulStone, the Community Token of the SoulFiction Project:
    Utilizing the SoulStone community token, RUNO will be purchased as part of the ongoing project.

Mission and Value alignment

The project, initiated to intersect NFT technology, involves a collaboration with the renowned artist Kang Hyoung-gu. The aim is to enhance the realism of hyper-realistic portraits of iconic personalities from history, combining art and AI. The SoulFiction community members contribute to the AI’s learning by providing meaningful responses to its questions in Discord chats. Contributors receive SoulStone tokens, fostering a DAO-like structure where contributions and rewards are integral.

The project not only explores the potential and value of the convergence of AI and art but also emphasizes the need for collaborative AI chatbot development. The engagement of the community in AI learning fosters a future-oriented mindset, securing a Web3-based creator community. Additionally, the project serves as a pioneering case for building a community around ainft within AIN DAO, encouraging activities and collaborations among artistic and technical creators.

Request Amount of GPU

Write a detailed breakdown of your project’s requirements.

  • V100 * 1 * 6 month
  • 2024.01 ~06

Scope of Work

  • Support for collaborative AI chatbot Mars interaction with the SoulFiction community (Soul Linkers).
  • Resources for AI to autonomously determine its learning data for the collaborative learning process.


*Collatborative AI name is Mars

  • Mars, AI model Update (GPT2 → GPT 3.5)
  • Implement prompt engineering system of Mars
    • Persona
    • Knowledge Retrieve
    • Summary of conversation
    • Evaluate conversation
  • Soulstone Compensation system
    • Triggering function for rewarding
    • Calculate the amount of reward
  • Buy RUNO through the soul stone in Soulshop
  • Further optimization on Mars prompt system
  • Construct detailed tokenomics of Soulstone for sailing

Successful metrics and KPI

  • Development of the collaborative AI chatbot Mars.
  • Achieving approximately 10,000 interactions per month with Mars.
  • Collecting meaningful data for AI learning, targeting over 30 entries per day.

Contribution to AI Network

  • The first collaborative AI reference implementation is crucial for the AI network because it sets a standard framework for AI systems to interact and share information, ensuring consistency and compatibility. This standardization is vital for the development of an “Internet for AI,” allowing AI systems to communicate seamlessly across different platforms and environments. By establishing common protocols and interfaces, it fosters a more interconnected and efficient AI ecosystem, enhancing the collective capabilities and potential of AI technologies globally.

Squad Background

Introduce the team and the members’ interests, backgrounds, time commitments, etc.

  • Aeon Studio - Aeon Studio is a Web 3 creative studio whose mission is to explore, fortify, and advocate the inherent artistic values of crypto art. By redefining what it means to exhibit crypto art, Aeon Studio is pioneering in novel approaches to collecting culture and curator economy.
  • Common Computer: : Common Computer has been building a decentralized AI ecosystem called AI Network, connecting GPUs, artificial intelligence developers, and creators since 2018. They are currently working on projects to establish various Web3 ecosystems.

Thank you for the proposal. We just started 1round of voting Discord

This proposal was approved on 1st round, and we moved to 2nd round. Snapshot

This proposal was finally accepted. We will contact you directly for the next steps.