Request AIN Transfer for AIN mining credit (Sep - Dec 2023)

Summary: AIN DAO Bot is a Discord bot created to operate a token economy automatically.
AIN DAO BOT provides AIN tokens as rewards for activities to expand the AIN DAO ecosystem, such as inviting friends to the AIN DAO community and promoting AIN DAO on Twitter. In addition, AIN received through these activities can be used to purchase AI Network-based projects such as Runo NFT, just like regular AIN tokens.
So, AIN mining will help to expand the AIN holder community and market.

How to earn AIN Credit (AIN Mining)
-Invite your friend - Discord
-Tweet AI Network - Discord

  • Expectation: +500 community members and AIN Holders and increase brand identity

  • Request amount: 61,400 AIN (Sep-Dec 2023)
    ** Invite: 30AIN (Rewards) X 500(Target Invitee) + 16AIN(Rewards) X 500(Inviter) = 23,000
    ** Twitter: 16AIN (Rewards) X 20(avg participant) X 120 (30days*4months) = 38,400

  • Impact Report: We will share the transfer history here.

This proposal is approved! Snapshot