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Title: NFT Classic 프로젝트 음원 제작에 필요한 자원 요청
Author: Wongil Huh
Date posted: 2023/01/23


  • Making new AI classic samples with trained Stradivarius Violin
  • Automate the composition process through artificial intelligence models used in natural language processing areas


  • To have my own music through artificial intelligence
  • Reinterpret Bach’s Shaconne style to create a new sample
  • Generating numerous samples through artificial intelligence and publishing them as NFT
  • Certain samples can be combined and naturally composed into one song when connected.

Scope of Work

What is the scope of this proposal?

Learn the tone of the Stradivarius violin to create an artificial intelligence sample.

  • The player will give 40 minutes of recording, and to train the tone of the Stradivarius instrument
  • Learning all Bach’s famous songs through artificial intelligence.
  • Generating samples of at least 2 to 16 bars of length through the learned AI model

Bach-style fragments are provided through NFT.

  • Each fragment must be available for combination.
  • Additional benefits should be available via successive fragments
  • Providing the symbolism of AI music creation by having the only sample in the world

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## Specification

  1. Bach-style MIDI file collection for AI learning
  2. Processing midi files into a combination of fragments
  3. Learning AI models that can reflect Bach-style
  4. Learning the Tone of Stradivarius Violin
  5. Creating new Bach-style fragments using AI-learned models
  6. Strativarius violin style applied to the generated fragment

## Targets

  1. People interested in NFT Classic
  2. People who want their own music.


  • Mentor : Wongil Huh
  • Facilitator : Taehyun Kim, Hyeonchan Hwang, Kwanho Park, Jesung Ryu, Jinkyeong Kim
  • Supporters : Hyoseob Kim, Jinhong Choi, Joongkyoung Ahn
  • Operation : Dongeun Lee


Hi Wongil,

Thanks for submitting the proposal. Let me share this with AIN DAO members, and I will start 1st round of voting. And get back to you when we have any updates.

Congratulations! This proposal passed 1st round of voting. 2nd round of voting just started!

AIN DAO voting committees accept this proposal.