[Template] Proposal for Uncommon Gallery

[IMPORTANT] Welcome to the Uncommon Gallery. AIN DAO is a community of people creating an AI collaboration infrastructure. We provide resources for AI research and services while also developing tokenomics. The AIN DAO collaboration ecosystem can be experienced in person in the Uncommon Gallery.
Uncommon Gallery rental may be accessible to individuals or organizations who align with AIN DAO’s philosophy and can contribute to the community. However, rental approval is subject to evaluation of the benefits provided to AIN DAO members building this AI collaborative infrastructure and whether these benefits have sufficient impact.

Please delete the descriptions in italics before submitting the proposal.

Each item will be highly evaluated in the review process. Specifically, the contribution, mission, and event information are the most critical evaluation criteria. Therefore, please understand the purpose of AIN DAO and clearly state it.

Title: A simple and intuitive title for your proposal
Author: Your Name and Discord ID
Date posted: yyyy/mm/dd


Summarize your proposal in bullet points.


Please explain how it contributes to the AI network ecosystem. AI Network receives its resources from ecosystem participants. Therefore, please consider ways to pay it forward and provide them. For example…

- Grant exclusive access to your services.
- Share product/advertisement revenue.
- Offer various community education and workshop sessions based on your expertise.


What motivated you to write this proposal? Was there a problem to be solved or an opportunity? Why do you think it’s a good idea?

Insert related links (Forum posts, Discord discussions, etc.)

Mission & Values alignment

How does this project help the AIN DAO achieve its mission and align with its values?

Scope of Work

What is within the scope of this proposal? What objectives, goals, features, and executables do you propose achieving with this proposal?

Write what is realistically possible within the budget.


What is the timeline of the project?


Describe your project in detail. Addressing any feedback or suggestions and giving numbers and factual information will increase your chance of getting your proposal approved. This section has no fixed structure, so feel free to be creative.

Event Info

Write a detailed breakdown of your event rental requirements.

Success metrics or KPIs

What are the project’s success metrics and KPIs? and How will the project’s success be measured?

Brand Usage

*You should present our brand in your event promotion materials. Please add an “AIN DAO” or “AI Network” tag to the project and request the AI Network logo for your POC.

Squad Background

Introduce the team and the members’ interests, backgrounds, time commitments, etc.


The voting period will be between 2 to 7 days. Please send the voting options indicating if they are for or against your proposal. If available, include all links to previously held surveys and/or voting (i.e. on Discord).

  • Examples: Approve/Disapprove or Yes/No
  • Something like “support the proposal but needs revision” may be an option but will count towards the disapproval of funding the project.

*Snapshots: We use snapshot.io as the official voting platform. Once the proposal gains enough approvals, it will be promoted from Discord to Forum and finally to Snapshot. For more information on the voting process, refer to this document.