⌜What’s next⌟, Generative AI + Blockchain DAO ⇒ Relay Webtoon Community

Title: ⌜What’s next⌟, Generative AI + Blockchain ⇒ Relay Webtoon Community

Author: 412ock#3011

Date posted: 2023/06/23


We are planning to implement a service, ⌜What’s next⌟, that combines generative AI and blockchain to provide users with new experiences in webtoon contents. This proposal is to request resources for operating the generative AI server.


  1. Platform token ownership sharing (After commercialization)
    Voting, a key feature of ⌜What’s next⌟, can be done through tokens issued by the platform. As the token has utility for pay for vote, it is expected to have significant value once the service is commercialized. Therefore, a portion of the platform token ownership will be shared to allow for mutual benefit.
  2. Infrastructure cost payment with AIN tokens (After commercialization)
    After commercialization of ⌜What’s next⌟, the cost of using AI Networks’ infrastructure will be paid directly with AIN tokens. The goal is to become a major use case for directly utilizing AI Networks.
  3. AI technology-enabled NFT issuance (function to be added after commercialization)
    As part of the future roadmap, artists will draw characters and train them using fine-tuning techniques to create an NFT with a utility for drawing the same character using an AI image generator. This is also an important role in forming the narrative of the comics that ⌜What’s next⌟ makes. The community of creators in AI Networks can be supported to creating and using NFTs that have function to use AI more easily.
  4. Display of partner brand logos
    As a platform that deals with comics as a content, AI Networks’ brand logo can be displayed for promotional purposes without interfering with the enjoyment of the content.
  5. Participation in AI Networks hackathons and other events
    AI Networks will provide opportunities for builders to participate in events such as hackathons to onboard new participants to the blockchain. We create and demonstrate use cases for using AI Networks.


  1. How many GPUs do you need, and choose the type? One T4 GPU.
  2. What is the machine used for?
    The manchie will run Generative AI from Stable Diffusion Model for making new scenes of webtoons by voting.


Our team is winner of Near Protocol track in Glitch Hackathon. The project, ⌜What’s next⌟, is a platform consisted of many community, like DAO, which makes each webtoon contents together by Generative AI. If they want to make next scene of a webtoon, they should vote for it. ⌜What’s next⌟ makes the convergence between Generative AI & Blockchain.
We are going to develop this project continuously and planning to commercialize in real market. But before those things, we have to test if our premise will work for operating our service. In both of period, ⌜What’s next⌟ needs GPU Power to generate images. We hope that it is helpful for both, ⌜What’s next⌟ & AI Networks, to share the GPUs.

Mission and Value alignment

By this project, “AI Networks” can have the opportunity to create new use cases for their own blockchain. It can serve as a good reference case for other teams planning services in “AI Networks”. With the commercialization of the project, the brand of “AI Networks” can be exposed, and they can also benefit from the advertising effect that such services are possible in the blockchain.
In addition, when this project begins to be commercialized, it will become a direct use case for burning “AIN Token.” This is because “AIN Token” will be used as a payment method to use the infrastructure.

Scope of Work

We are planning to create a Generative AI server on the GPU machine provided by AI Networks to make function of image generation in our service.
The teams should check two hypothesis for operating this service. One hypothesis is that some people without good drawing skills want to make their own webtoons. And other hypothesis is that the community will make a great contents consistently. Doing this test, we can gather some users from tests.
Prior to commercialization, we plan to re-establish the infrastructure for providing service to many people using the service from user data obtained here. At that time, we plan to request infrastructure resources from “AI Networks” again and make a proposal by estimating resources.


• In July, after approving for usage of GPU, we are going to implement ⌜What’s Next⌟.
• In August, starting beta test with 100 users.
• In September, collecting the user feedback and re-developing our project from those.
• In October, planning Architecture of Tokenomics for ⌜What’s Next⌟.
• In December, opening ⌜What’s Next⌟.


Since the widespread use of the internet, we have been able to enjoy many types of content, including webtoons. The way of enjoying webtoons has evolved over the years. Initially, the main way is to read the works of webtoon artists provided by the platform. Later, people enjoyed original webtoons through media such as dramas or movies. Now, with the generative AI, even those who cannot draw well can create high-quality images. We thought that we could provide a new way of enjoying webtoons with this generative AI.
Blockchain enables transparent decision-making through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Through this, people can operate a group towards a public goal, even in an untrusted environment. Moreover, using blockchain contracts, you can share the benefits generated by participating in the DAO with the members.
We found opportunities created in these two fields and came up with an interesting idea. The generative AI creates images based on the prompt keywords selected through voting by the DAO. The images created in this way are inserted into new webtoon scenes. Webtoons produced in this way can earn revenue through intellectual property (IP) in the future, and the community that participated in the production of the webtoon can share this revenue. This is the core concept of our idea.
Add additional reference to help understanding our product.

Successful metrics and KPI

In beta test, the goal is gathering 100 users in our service.
In commercialization season, 10,000 MAU is our goal but it can be changed by data from the test.

Brand Usage

The brand logo can be displayed in footer of service webpage.

Squad Background

Introduce the team and the members’ interests, backgrounds, time commitments, etc.

  • Duhoon Kang, Team Leader, Front-End & Web3 Contract Dev
  • Minkwan Kim, Back-End Dev
  • Yezi Sim, UI/UX Designer
  • Yunsu Im, Front-End Dev


The voting period will be between 2 to 7 days. Please send the voting options indicating if they are for or against your proposal. If available, include all links to previously held surveys and/or voting (i.e. on Discord).

  • Examples: Approve/Disapprove or Yes/No
  • Something like “support the proposal but needs revision” may be an option but will count towards the disapproval of funding the project.
  • Snapshots: We use snapshot.io as the official voting platform. Once the proposal gains enough approvals, it will be promoted from Discord to Forum and finally to Snapshot. For more information on the voting process, refer to this document.

Thanks for your request this proposal has been approved in the 1st round of voting. And it just started 2nd round of voting. We will get back to you once the voting is finished.

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Congrats! All the voting rounds approved this project. So we will contact you directly.

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Thank you for your acceptance. I hope we can exceeds you expectation! We will try it.